Major Garrett: Trump And Democrats Have Reached "Full Gridlock Stage"


A huge blow-up between President Trump and Democratic leaders has done nothing to stop the rising call for impeachment hearings. Mr. Trump stormed out of a meeting with top Democrats at the White House Wednesday, three minutes after it started. Then he told reporters he won't work with Democrats until they stop investigating his administration. Major Garrett joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why "the people's business is being neglected."

"President Trump loves fights for a purpose, sometimes in the moment and sometimes later downstream," Garrett said. "The fact is, he declared yesterday infrastructure is not going to happen, that means a budget deal may not happen, emergency flood relief may not happen. A lot of things that were moving along have now stopped."

"How he left the meeting is much less important now that things have reached full gridlock stage in Washington," he said. "The great dealmaker is making no deals and the people's business is being neglected."

"The sense on impeachment at the White House is: go for it."

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