Gingrich: Left-Wing Democrats Want To "Erase All Of Our Memories Of America"


Newt Gingrich said the Democratic party is heading for another McGovern-like disaster by going too far left. Gingrich said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is counting on "being the least disgusting person" in the field to win the nomination.

"They're sort of caught right now in a downward spiral not just on this issue but in a whole range of issues where I think that they're going to become harder and harder to defend," Gingrich told FNC's Laura Ingraham on Tuesday.

Gingrich said left-wing Democrats want to "erase" our memories of the United States just like the Taliban did with Buddism by blowing up two important Buddhist statues.

"What you have is a group of left-wing Democrats who would like to erase all of our memories of America," he said. "They really dive deep down, would like us to Venezuela. And I think that it's remarkable, and I think we on the conservative side have to be much tougher by taking them head-on and saying what it is."

"IIt's exactly like the Taliban destroying the two Buddhist statues that were historic worldwide monuments," Gingrich added.

Transcript, via FOX News:

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: All right. Joining me now to react, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Fox News Contributor, and host of the new podcast, Newt's World.

All right. Speaker, you and I've been running around Washington for a long time watching these various debates, the culture wars and so forth. Why are the Democrats continuing to have this blind spot on where many in the middle reside on issues such as the issue of life?

NEWT GINGRICH, FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Look, I think that the true faith of the left-winged Democratic Party is now in full blossom. I think they get together in meetings, talk to each other, go out to fundraisers with people who agree with them, and convince themselves, for example, as you pointed out.

I mean, I - if you had ever said to me five, 10, 15 years ago that we would be approving infanticide and, as you point out, the New York legislature would be applauding and cheering that they passed the right to kill babies after they are born, this is grotesque. And most Americans don't agree with it.

But among the hard-core left, on issue after issue after issue, they believe things that I think personally are crazy. And I don't think the American people will endorse, and I think it may set up a 1972 George McGovern disaster where they ended up so far out on left-wing limb that people decided they just can't vote for him.

INGRAHAM: Well, I think, Newt, going back to Phyllis Schlafly and the Equal Rights Amendment, she successfully led the effort to kill the ERA. I remember reading about how the Democrats back then thought, "Oh, we got them now, we're going to vanquish the Republican Party forever." And what happened a few years later, Ronald Reagan was elected.

So - I mean, they've been - they've been hitting the same drum for decades about the social issues, but these social issues don't go away. The Democrats just keep moving further and further to the left.

GINGRICH: Look, I was in California over the weekend talking to people, and the number of women who came up to me and said they're really worried because they think their daughters are not going to be able to have a successful women's sports program because of the drive of the Democrats to basically allow transgender males to dominate women sports. I don't think people have realized yet what an assault this is going to be--

INGRAHAM: Oh, my gosh!

GINGRICH: --on woman and on right to compete. But that's the sort of thing you're not going to get Vogue magazine to print and you're not going to get The New York Times to print. And that's why it takes a while. The country gradually recoils after the left-wing establishment has done all it could. And I think you're going to see that kind of recoil on eight or 10 or 12 issues this coming year.

INGRAHAM: Yes. I think - you can kind of picture, Newt, Trump looking at his Democratic opponent and saying, now, your party actually passed legislation in the House that would compel girls and a locker room to welcome a biological male in the locker room while they're getting ready for their sports or leaving the locker room. But that would be compelled by federal law. Right?

I mean, Trump is never going to let them weasel out of it by saying--

GINGRICH: And by the way--

INGRAHAM: --well, I believe in choice. No, no. You want boys to shower in the same locker room as girls because that's what the legislation mandates. Right? And they're going to have to answer that question.

GINGRICH: Look, in Connecticut, two transgender males won the women's sports event for the state championship.


INGRAHAM: --yes.

GINGRICH: And - and let's be clear about this. This is the most bizarre reversal of all the principles of a 50-year fight for women's rights--

INGRAHAM: Yes, feminism. Where are the feminists?

GINGRICH: --that you've ever seen. I mean, you're presently going to have a transgender male soccer team. I mean, it's crazy in terms of what does all this do to women's rights to be able to compete and to be able to be involved in an environment where they actually have a reasonable chance to win?

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well - and again, they're so twisted up in knots and radicalism. I don't think - I don't think they know how to unknot themselves at this point.

By the way, Newt, this was wunderkind mayor, Pete Buttigieg, at the Supreme Court rally today on abortion.


BUTTIGIEG: I think this is one more example of a moment where the majority of Americans agree on something. And there's a lot of extremism of the Republican Party that's forcing moderates to ask whether the Republican Party has left them behind.


INGRAHAM: Extremists in the Republican Party?



GINGRICH: I don't know how to explain to - I don't know how to explain to the Mayor that the overwhelming majority of Americans, about 81 percent, are opposed to killing babies after they are born, that the positions he is taking are very minority positions. And I think that again and again, you have the same conversation going on. You have left-wing Democrats going to left-wing rallies to say left-wing things, the left-wing rally applauds. And then to compete, the next person comes in and has to be even more extreme. And that's why you have 20-some Democrats now running wildly to the left.

INGRAHAM: Well - and Newt, Kirsten Gillibrand is another individual who's been trying to regain - or gain, I should say, any traction in this very crowded field. And a lot of people thought after the Me Too movement, Harvey Weinstein, that she would really emerge from the pack, but she's also struggling. She said this about an issue near and dear to your heart, the Hyde Amendment. Let's watch.


GILLIBRAND: We have a tenant in our constitution. It's called separation of church and state. And I do not believe that that is a valid argument. I think that the Hyde Amendment should be repealed.


INGRAHAM: Newt, the Hyde Amendment. Tell “The Ingraham Angle” audience how radical that is if you want to repeal that. I'd love to do that national polling on that.

GINGRICH: Look, I think the Hyde Amendment goes back to the 1970s and is a very simple statement. No American should be forced to pay taxes to pay for an abortion. It has been a consistent position now for over 40 years. And again, but it's where they're going. I mean, they're going to say, one, we have the right to kill a baby after it's born; two, we have the right to charge the taxpayer while we're killing the baby.

I mean, think about this stuff. I think in a very radical position, Sanders -- Bernie Sanders said the other day he didn't mind if they had sex selection abortions. Well, that means everywhere on the planet these girl babies get aborted. I mean, there's no question statistically.

If you permit sex selection abortions, there'll be far more abortions of females than males. And that's what Sanders said he was willing to accept. So they're - they're sort of caught right now in a downward spiral not just on this issue but in a whole range of issues where I think that they're going to become harder and harder to defend.

INGRAHAM: We played the sound bite earlier Newt, in “The Angle,” just demonstrating how far left the Democrats have been pulled. Now, I think Obama has always been there, but the party hasn't. And so whether it's on the question of gay marriage or the issue of abortion or now gender bending and also - I mean, you've got to - you've got to sense that Biden is not comfortable with any of this. I mean, he's got to be like saying, wait, my consultants are telling me I've got to say this stuff, but my God, I still got to go to mass on Sunday, I still got to like - I still got to figure this out.

GINGRICH: Well, look, as he pointed out earlier when you showed the segment of Obama lying about his position on marriage, Obama was always a radical who understood he couldn't get elected as a radical. So in the classic tradition, he pretended to be moderate long enough to get elected.

But the thing to remember about Biden - and I've known Biden for a long time. Joe Biden is so shallow that he won't notice most of this. He was just thinking it's kind of confusing. And he'll drift along being Joe Biden. And if he can get nominated, it'd be by being this nice pleasant doofus who doesn't know anything, but he's not the other people. And I think that's what he's counting on, as being the least disgusting person in the field.

INGRAHAM: And Newt, we're almost out of time. But the other issue that we've touched on last night was this move against the founders. This has been bubbling up for some time, pulling down statues and so forth. Everyone feels better when you, I guess, pull down a Robert E. Lee statue. That's like that - it was a big obsession last year and the year before.

But now, of course, as predicted, moving against Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence. Buttigieg says, well, we can rename our dinner maybe because we have people of all - but if we can rename a dinner, not Jefferson-Jackson, Jackson-Jefferson, rename that. Why wouldn't you rename schools, boulevards, and ultimately take down statues? I mean, if a dinner is objectionable, what about a school name?

GINGRICH: Look, one of the things I've concluded is these people are now so radical, we have to take them head-on. This is left-wing fascist totalitarianism. This is an effort to erase the memory of the United States. Thomas Jefferson is a fact. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

He was the - he created the Democratic Party ironically in terms of people who now want to besmirch them. He was extraordinarily important in the development of America. But what you have is a group of left-wing Democrats who would like to erase all of our memories of America. They really dive deep down, would like us to Venezuela. And I think that it's remarkable, and I think we on the conservative side have to be much tougher--

INGRAHAM: Much tougher.

GINGRICH: --by him head-on and saying what it is.

INGRAHAM: Well, it's Taliban - it's Taliban ask.

GINGRICH: So - well, as I said, it's exactly like the Taliban destroying the two Buddhist statues that were historic worldwide monuments. And you have people - Pete pretends that he's exactly like Obama. He pretends to be a moderate until you listen to him a little bit and realize he's as radical as anybody else.

INGRAHAM: Yes. And an extremist with a moderate exterior or a mild-mannered exterior.


INGRAHAM: Mr. Speaker, you were so great we didn't have time to get into the Dems' impeachment obsession, but they're not going anywhere with impeachment, at least in my view. Thank you so much. Fantastic segment, as always.

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