GOP Rep. Justin Amash: Impeachment "Is A Process And It Is Something That Should Be Begun"


GOP Rep. Justin Amash told reporters outside the Capitol on Tuesday morning that the process of impeachment "should be begun" against President Trump. Amash received harsh criticism from the president and other Republicans after tweeting the same over the weekend.

QUESTION: Would you like them to start impeachment?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I think it's a process and it's something that should be begun.

QUESTION: Will you sign on to the impeachment resolution though?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I haven't read any of the impeachment resolutions.

QUESTION: What do you have to feel about leader McCarthy saying you vote more times with Nancy Pelosi than you do with Republicans?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I think everyone knows he's lying. But that's typical Kevin.

QUESTION: Are you disappointed though that leadership's coming down on you like this? I mean, they called you a lightweight, they're going after your character instead of what you say in your tweets.

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: It doesn't surprise me.

QUESTION: And sir, what about President Trump calling you a loser?


QUESTION: Are you considering running for president as a libertarian candidate?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I'm focused on defending the Constitution.

QUESTION: And when you say you're going to review impeachment proceedings as a process, what exactly do you mean by that?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: Well its a process. It is not like the resolution is drawn up overnight. It's a process and you have to come to the right conclusions about how to draft something.

QUESTION: But you would like to see them start at some point?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I think it's appropriate to do so. Speaker Pelosi is in charge of that, not me.

QUESTION: How do you feel about having a primary opponent now, announcing he's running after your tweets about impeachment?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: It's not serious.

QUESTION: Do you feel like you're safe for two more years after this?

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: I am very confident in my district.

QUESTION: Do you think that your constituents are in support of this.

REP. JUSTIN AMASH: if you're talking about my constituents as a whole, I think they're supportive.

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