Heilemann: "Brilliance" Of Pete Buttigieg Shined Through During FOX News Town Hall


MSNBC analyst John Heilemann comments on Mayor Pete Buttigieg's performance Sunday night in his FOX News town hall.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Let me say really quickly, about Mayor Pete, the most brilliant thing about his presentation, first was he said I'm not going to pay attention to Donald Trump you should ignore the tweets. Then he goes on to say it's hard to look away, like a car wreck, it's hard to look away from grotesque things, which allows him to appeal to people who say don't pay attention to Trump, while at the same time saying Trump is grotesque which appeals to people in the Democratic base. He gets to have it both ways. I think in addition while trashing the prime time hosts he's flattering Chris Wallace in the room. And the viewers.

There's a lot of brilliance to that. I will say this, I don't think -- I think this is one of those things deciding to go on FOX News or not as a Democrat. It doesn't have to be one answer is right and the other is wrong. I think Elizabeth Warren may have done for her purposes the right thing, the voters she's appealing for, it's right to not do the Fox News town hall. For Pete Buttigieg and the voters he's appealing to, it's right to do a Fox News town hall. This is one where we have to break out of our right-answer, wrong-answer. Campaigns are different, candidates are different, and the voters they are appealing to are different. There can be different answers that work for different candidates.

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