Kirsten Gillibrand: "President Trump Has Started A War On American Women" And "He's Going To Lose"


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand joined CBS's Margaret Brennan Sunday to talk about the anti-abortion law passed in Alabama and the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Gillibrand said that President Trump "has started a war on America's women."

"If it's a fight he wants to have it's a fight he's going to have, and he's going to lose," she said.

SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: This is nothing short of an all-out assault on women's reproductive freedom, an effort to take away our basic human rights and civil rights, and make no mistake, the thirty states that are trying to unwind abortion rights are trying to get rid of Roe v. Wade. It-- it-- it's nothing more complex than that. And they do not believe that women should have the right to make the most intimate, personal life-and-death decisions. And I think it's untenable, and I hope America's women are paying attention because President Trump has started a war on America's women. And if it's a fight he wants to have it's a fight he's going to have, and he's going to lose.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But you have said that if you're elected President you would codify Roe v. Wade. To do that you would need a Congress that agrees to follow your lead on that. Are you assuming a Democratic Congress to follow you in 2020?

SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: I do. We already took back the House in 2018. Women across this country have been marching since President Trump became President, and then took their views and voices to the ballot box, electing a hundred and twenty women to Congress who support women's reproductive freedom and reproductive rights. I think that trend is going to continue. We saw a surge in women's votes. I think that will continue in '20. And, hopefully, we can actually flip the Senate as well and take back the presidency.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Now the-- the chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez has said every Democrat should support abortion rights. And that was met with some outcry because it was seen as-- as a litmus test. Now for your party to win you need to be able to attract more people to it. Can you say that there is room in the Democratic Party for people who have a moral objection to abortion? Is-- is there room on your ticket for supporters like that?

SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND: So for voters across America and for individuals, of course, you can have your personal views on any issue. There's nothing wrong with having a religious perspective on this issue. But what I do not accept is any Democratic leader or candidate to not believe in full civil rights and human rights for women. We cannot have Democrats who are running for office who do not believe in basic health care and civil rights for women. It-- it's just untenable, and it's unacceptable, and I will not support a candidate, and I do not believe any candidate running for President should be undermining women's reproductive freedom and our basic human rights.

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