Steve Moore Rips CNN For Coverage: You Don't Return To A Restaurant That Gave You Salmonella


Stephen Moore, a former nominee to the Federal Reserve Board, told radio host Steve Malzberg that he refuses to return to CNN as a contributor in an interview Saturday on WMAL-AM. Moore withdrew after heavy media criticism.

"It's actually quite flattering that the left was so terrified of my economic ideas and that I would be on the Fed," Moore said. "They weren't terrified of my ideas, they were terrified that there would be a renegade on the Federal Reserve Board who doesn't drink their Kool-Aid of Keynesian economics. I believe that growth does not cause inflation. I believe Trump's economic program has been an incredible success."

"Special callout to my old friends at CNN," Moore said. "For years, I was their senior economic commentator. They basically begged me to come over from FOX and then they begged me to renew my contract when it was up in January. They said, 'You're one of our best commentators,' and so on and so forth."

"Literally the day I was nominated they turned their knives against me. They were vicious and vile... One day I am a valued member of your team and the next day when Trump appoints me I'm this scoundrel," he said.

"If it weren't for double standards, the left would have no standards at all," Moore added.

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