Tucker Carlson: Biggest Loser Of New College Board Scoring Is The Middle Class


Tucker Carlson said the College Board's new "adversity score" for the SAT is "pure inversion" of the intent of the test and makes the assessment about victimhood over achievement. From Thursday's edition of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' on FNC:

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: The College Board is adding a new score to the SAT. It doesn’t measure aptitude in reading or grammar or math or any other academic subject. Instead, the new category is called an "adversity score." It will rate students from zero to 100 based on how much privilege the College Board believes that they have. The formula is secret of course. The people who came up with it know it’s pure pseudo science and would never withstand public scrutiny. According to the Wall Street Journal, the test will calculate privilege based on 15 different factors. Some draw on neighborhood statistics, like the crime rate, poverty, and home values. A student’s high school will supply other factors, like the estimated "curricular rigor" and free lunch rate. And then there are factors that look at a student's own family, like household income, and whether both parents live at home. 
This is a pure inversion of the intent the SAT. From the first day, the whole point of the test was that your background didn’t matter. It was devised to create as level a playing field as possible. Everyone took the same test. Grading was blind. It didn't matter where you came from. Nobody thought the SAT was going to make everyone the same. That’s impossible. Some people have natural advantages on standardized tests, and always will. You can’t change that, any more than you could make everyone tall enough to play in the NBA. What you can and should do is ensure fairness: Everyone deserves to have the same rights. Everyone should be held to the same standard. That’s the most basic promise of of America.
The College Board is explicitly rejecting this. On the new SAT, it isn't ability that matters. It’s where you rank on the privilege hierarchy. It isn’t hard to imagine the perverse effects. Under the new standards, if you worked hard to stay married for the sake of your children, your kids will be punished for that. David Coleman is the leftwing social engineer who runs the College Board. He’s also the genius behind Common Core. He says the new standards are designed to address, quote, “disparities of wealth reflected in the SAT.” But it doesn't take a perfect SAT score to guess who’s going to lose under this system: the middle class. They've been told that America is a meritocracy: work hard, sacrifice for your kids, and you’ll be rewarded. People like David Coleman know that’s not true. They make the rules. They benefit from the corruption. They pad their own kids’ applications with phony extracurriculars. They make up some new heritage, so they can benefit from the Jim Crow system of racial discrimination on college campuses. The new SAT will only increase the opportunities to game the system. For example, the College Board plans to evaluate privilege based on home address. Parents already use fake addresses to send their kids to choice public schools. Why won’t they uses fake addresses from tough neighborhoods to give their kids an advantage in college admissions? Of course they will. English-language proficiency, household income, and family education levels are all factors, too. Get ready for an awful lot of lying on those subjects too. Wouldn’t it be easier just to reward the kids who know the most about English and math? That’s what you’d do if you cared about fairness, or the future of your country. You’d emphasize achievement over victimhood. Our decadent elites don’t care, so they do the opposite.

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