Nunes: Mueller Knew On Day One There Was No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion


Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, reacts to Attorney General Bill Barr's interview with FNC's Bill Hemmer:

SANDRA SMITH, FOX NEWS: Let's bring in Congressman Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. You have been listening to this interview that just happened in El Salvador with the attorney general. What really catches you is what he just said about how he has gotten more questions now as the attorney general than when he first started. Saying that the questions he has asked so far he feels the answers he has received have been inadequate.

REP. DEVIN NUNES: I think you're right. That's very similar to the House Republican investigation. As we continued to pull back pieces of the onion more and more things started to fall out that we had to follow up on. Even today we continue to be in need of more answers, right? Just in the last few days we found out that there are emails that involve Christopher Steele that were sitting at the FBI, at the State Department, at the Department of Justice that were not only not given to Congress. I think every American knows out there that Congress ran an investigation. Anything involving Christopher Steele, the spy that the Clinton campaign ultimately hired, should have been given to Congress. Now, how did we just find out about this in the last few days? I can go on and on and take up your whole show with questions that I have. I think what you're seeing is you're seeing a real attorney general, a professional, and someone who is not going to take that poisonous garbage that the Democrats and Clinton campaign started and irresponsible people in Congress and the media continue to put out there and poison people.

SANDRA SMITH: We'll see what the investigation turns up. Meanwhile, you did not see the attorney general shy away from that word "spying," which we know was a point of contention and a point of criticism for many Democrats when he testified on Capitol Hill.

DEVIN NUNES: Sandra, it's ridiculous. Every American out there knows what spying is. This is all about narrative building by the left to cover up what they did and you have accomplices in the media. This is foolishness. I think that's what you are seeing the attorney general do is like look, I was a citizen out there on the street like everybody else. I used to work in the DOJ and now I'm back and I know what a spy is. He used to work at the CIA For God's sake. I've never seen anything so ridiculous where the media is culpable for this nonsense. Anybody in the media ought to be laughing at these politicians who are talking about how oh my God, they're calling it spying. It's a joke. It's a joke.

SANDRA SMITH: Well there was the "who," as far as questions answered by Bill Barr in that interview in talking about him digging into exactly what happened at the origins of this Russia probe. He said this was handled at very senior levels. He made that point very clear at the FBI, CIA, and other agencies that were involved. Referencing an ad hoc small group of people, many of who are not even at the agencies anymore.

DEVIN NUNES: Let me get to the heart of this problem as I think the American people are just starting to learn what this means. When you run a counterintelligence investigation, it's very different than a criminal investigation. Counterintelligence is almost always used to go after foreigners that are trying to do harm to Americans or our allies. So it's very rare to go after an American using counterintelligence. It has to be something really, really high level possibly involving someone who is leaking to our adversaries. In this case, we have yet -- Bill asked the question to the attorney general about what did Bob Mueller know and when did he know there was no collusion. Bob Mueller knew the day that he walked in the door there was no evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians. Think about it. We spent tens of billions of dollars collecting emails, phone calls, all the things that people know that we have the capability to do. We have human --

SANDRA SMITH: I don't think that he has stated that publicly. I don't know what evidence you have with that.

DEVIN NUNES: No, what I'm saying is that Mueller, the attorney general didn't answer that question, but I'm able to answer that because we looked at all the work. We looked at all the intelligence. We've known for -- our report came out a year ago. Not only is there zero evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russians period.

SANDRA SMITH: To be clear in that interview, when bill asked, the attorney general's answer was that he could not say at what point Robert Mueller made that determination. Finally.

DEVIN NUNES: Right. That's my point. I just wanted to make sure that I answered it for the American people and that's why the attorney general is doing a good job here because he's not jumping to any conclusions.

SANDRA SMITH: He ended that portion of the interview just there telling the American people why we should all be concerned. He made the point even Democrats say we need to get to the bottom of foreign interference in these elections and he finished with the point well, we should be concerned then about our own government officials interference in our elections. Final thoughts this morning.

DEVIN NUNES: That's the point of the counterintelligence investigation that American people need to understand. It is only done by very few people and very invasive and there are very few people in Congress that can look over this and I think why the attorney general is trying to make that point that we need these tools. We need these counterintelligence tools but they can't be turned against American people but for sure shouldn't be involved in politics. If you want to go after a political campaign go after that campaign using criminal statutes and a grand jury and a warrant.

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