Maher: Elizabeth Warren Wrong About Not Going On FOX News, "That's Where The Votes Are"


HBO's Bill Maher argued that Elizabeth Warren is making a mistake to not go on FOX News and disparage the network. Maher cited statistics on FOX News demographics and how successful Bernie Sanders' town hall was as reasons a Democratic presidential candidate should go on the network.

BILL MAHER, HOST OF HBO'S 'REAL TIME': Elizabeth Warren said she is not going to go on FOX News. I take this a little personally because I started this little debate when I had Adam Schiff here one night. I surprised him and said you've got to go on FOX News, that's where the votes are. And Elizabeth Warren said: "FOX News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists."

She said it on Twitter. So is Twitter! It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. She's right, of course that's what FOX News [is]. But it's also where people who vote are. I don't think people realize this: 43% of FOX News viewers -- only 43% -- say they are conservative Republican. 10% say they're liberal Democrats.


MAHER: Of course they are, but it's not the whole group. And, also, listen to this: 26% favor more gun control. Of course she should go on FOX News!

"Isn't it better to talk unfiltered to people like Bernie Sanders got to do than to have it filtered through Sean Hannity?" Maher asked.

"FOX News uses those Democrats on town halls to get money from advertisers and to claim they are fair and balanced. That is what happens when Democrats appear for an hour for basically advertising revenue. I think it is reasonable to go on; I don't think you need to subsidize them with the way they make money," guest Neera Tanden said.

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