Steyer-Backed Group "Need To Impeach" Blasts House Dems: "He's Laughing At You, He's Getting Away With It"


This new ad from "Need To Impeach," a group backed by billionaire Tom Steyer that has collected more than 5 million signatures supporting ousting President Trump, blasts House Democrats for doing nothing to impeach the president.

"This is a message for leaders of the Democratic Party. For over two years this president has broken the law, and nothing happened. You told us to wait for the Mueller investigation and when he showed obstruction of justice, nothing happened. When this president took money from foreign governments and blocked the release of his tax returns, nothing happened. And when his administration illegally refused to testify, nothing happened. Now you tell us to wait for the next election? Really? This is why we volunteered, raised money, went door to door, and voted in the last election. Our founding fathers expected YOU, Congress, to hold a lawless president accountable. And you’re doing nothing," people in the ad say. "Nothing. Nothing. Nothing."

"He broke his oath of office. He’s defying you. He’s laughing at you. And he’s getting away with it," they add. "This is our democracy."

At the end, Tom Steyer himself appears to say: "Congress is part of the system and the system is broken. We have to fix it."

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