Devin Nunes: Peter Strzok's "Insurance Policy" Text Was About Trump Campaign Emails


Rep. Devin Nunes discusses the importance of exposing the origins of the Russia investigation on FNC's "Hannity."

HANNITY: All these GOP investigators, starting with Ratcliffe, and people like Lindsey Graham and people like yourself, you are saying that they are classified documents that will expose them misused, then knowing misuse of the Steele dossier, especially as it relates to the FISA applications.

Can you tell us more?

NUNES: Well, first, I will start with that we want all this information out. Let me say in kind of two tranches of what we're looking for. Number one, there is what we call information on Papadopoulos that we believe is as exculpatory that should have been out there. Let's set that aside.

The other set is --

HANNITY: Where is that exculpatory evidence and what that might be?

NUNES: So, it rests at the FBI. We have been asking for it to be declassified. So, that is really all I can say about it. It's just that it's exculpatory evidence that should be provided to the American public. On the FISA application, remember, you have Comey, who has called this a mosaic. So, Comey's mosaic.

Remember when we came out with our memo that we brought forward the fact that they had to use the Clinton paid for dossier, the dirt, opposition research. And then they had a leak that to press outlets and then they pick up those press reports and used it in the FISA application. Comey said, oh, no, it was a mosaic. There was so much more information there.

Well, there is more information there that we think is equally as bad as using opposition research.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this. Is it true -- let's start with the first FISA application, that the bulk of information was the Steele dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton? Full of Russian lines, was that the bulk of the FISA application?

NUNES: Yes, so it is the bulk. But remember, what we believe the rest of it is, to cover this mosaic it, the actual true definition of the insurance policy. Remember the talk of the insurance policy by Strzok and Pager and the text messages, we believe that insurance policy is not just about investigating the Trump campaign. We believe it is about how they were able to get the FISA warrant on Carter page. They can look at it.

HANNITY: So, Carter Page was just being used. It is now a small deal, but they violated his constitutional rights to get a backdoor into all things from the Trump campaign. That would be the Trump transition. And that would be even the Trump presidency, correct, sir?

NUNES: It's horrible what they have done to many Americans. But let me just say about this, Sean. So, this is -- we've been living for three years with the perverted fantasies of Glenn Simpson and the Clinton campaign talking about pee tapes and, you know, supposedly, you know, reporters all over Europe looking for these pee tapes, and this is really gross stuff.

And you show the clip of Biden out on the campaign trail. When you have Americans out there saying that I think that Vladimir is controlling President Trump, we can't live with six more years of this -- those people have been poisoned by these -- by just the fantasies of Glenn Simpson and Clinton campaign.

So, at some point, the FBI and this Fusion network, they intertwined, OK? And they were working in conjunction together on this. And I think that's what the U.S. Attorney Durham is supposed to get to the bottom of.

HANNITY: OK. Is it true that at the top of the FISA applications, as Congressman Ratcliffe has said, it says in pretty big letters, verified, is that part true?

NUNES: Well, everything is supposed to be verified. And one of the things that John Solomon maybe didn't get a lot of coverage he broke last week, that you just talked about, about this high level State Department person who had met with Steele, that's questionable in and of itself, but what nobody is paying attention to here is that three years went by, but yet one meeting with Christopher Steele, a high-ranking State Department official, in October of 2016, weeks before they went to the FISA court, you had more verifications done by that State Department official who said, wait a second, the Russians don't even have a consulate in Miami. OK?

HANNITY: I know. I remember.

Yes, all right. So, when Christopher Steele is questioned under oath in Great Britain in that interrogatory, and he doesn't stand by his own dossier, he says I have no idea if any of it is true.

NUNES: Right.

HANNITY: We know from the State Department official Kavalec that she rightly warned everybody that this was political because he had a due date he needed to get you before election day, sounded desperate. But doesn't that render that document unverifiable? If he won't stand by it, and he's not -- I don't know if any of it is true, 50/50 raw intelligence.

So, anybody that signs the FISA application was signing on to something that they couldn't possibly verify, correct?

NUNES: There's a whole lot of things that don't make sense about this. But one thing that we do know for sure because of this revelation is, is that the FBI did, in fact, know that Christopher Steele was talking to people in the State Department. They knew that at least one big part of it, because it's supposedly that money was being funneled through this Russian consulate in Miami which doesn't even exist.

So, the FBI knew, good and well, that Steele had a lot of problems. And I'll say something else about Steele. So, you know, it's called the Steele dossier. It's really just Clinton opposition research.

I think once we get to the bottom of this, what we're going to find is that Steele has a small role in actually crafting this. And I'll go back to what I started with, these really were the perverted fantasies of Simpson working with the Clinton campaign to say what can we draw appear that we can spread out lies to the American people, that we can feed into the FBI, and lo and behold, let's get an investigation going on the Trump campaign. That's really what happened here.

HANNITY: And Comey's acting cute with the word "spy." Oh, we don't know spy at the FBI. He just signed a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and Carter Page. And, you know, I know he thinks that he is a super patriot and smarter than we smelly Walmart people.

Well, let me ask you, is there any doubt in your mind that those that signed that -- those FISA applications, they knew darn well that that information was false and unverifiable?

NUNES: The people behind that were building those FISA applications had to have known that there were problems with Steele, OK? And now we know. We actually now have evidence, right? We have a smoking gun because we have emails now according to John Solomon's report.

When you move fast that, for sure by the second and fourth renewal of this FISA, I mean, that is totally fraudulent.

HANNITY: But they knew in the first one, they were warned twice. Bruce Ohr warned them and the State Department official warned them.

NUNES: Believe me. They knew on the first one, yes. But what's even worse is that I think more people become contaminated when you look at the second, third, and fourth. This went on for a full year. Imagine that as an American citizen out there. The government was listening to your calls and reading your emails for a year. Scary stuff.

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