Chris Matthews: Elizabeth Warren "Smart" To Not Do FOX News Town Hall


MSNBC's Chris Matthews said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is "smart" to decline an invitation from FOX News to hold a town hall event. The 'Hardball' host said Warren isn't using "mad dog" suicidal tactics but is making it clear she wants to be the nominee or nothing.

"She isn't going in some mad dog, I'm going to suicidally win the nomination and then lose the general," Matthews said Tuesday evening. "She will not say she's a socialist. She makes a point she's not one. She's carving out that center -- not center, that left position that will allow her to move over to the center-left and without killing her on the right -- on the center-right. I think that's calculating -- she wants to win. She doesn't think she'll be somebody's second choice. She's not going to be on anybody's ticket. She's going to be a winner or she's not going to be a winner. It's on the nose for her."

USA Today's Susan Page questioned Warren's strategy and noted that when Sen. Bernie Sanders did a FOX News town hall it delivered the largest audience he has on a cable network.

"I do think there is some risk to the strategy she's taken with the FOX News town halls because those town halls -- the town hall that FOX News did with Bernie Sanders got him the biggest audience of the season, 2.5 million viewers. FOX viewers include a lot of people who might be open to an appeal from a Democratic candidate," Page said.

"It just seems to me that you run some risk of turning off those voters and making it harder and harder to get them back when you want them," she added.

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