Rep. Ratcliffe: Comey Should Be Investigated For Recording President, Illegally Leaking To Media


Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) on 'Sunday Morning Futures' with host Maria Bartiromo.

JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: The FBI doesn't spy to begin with. The FBI investigates.

The FBI, in my view, took very reasonable steps, careful steps to try and understand, is that true? And I can't believe Republicans would have wanted it any other way. And we acted in a responsible, limited and constrained way.

I'm proud of the way we conducted ourselves.


MARIA BARTIROMO, HOST: Wow. That was former FBI Director Jim Comey just days ago, a few days ago.

I'm back with Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe of Texas.

And, Congressman, you just heard Jim Comey. Can you explain this?

REP. RATCLIFFE (R-TX): Well, my former colleague Trey Gowdy likes to refer to him as Saint Jim.

I liken Jim Comey more to an Avenger superhero. He's always the hero of every story, saving America time and time again.

Gosh, you know, as I listen to that, Jim Comey is proud and wouldn't change a thing. Really? He's proud that he put Peter Strzok in charge of investigating Donald Trump, the same Peter Strzok who, while he was investigating Donald Trump, promised to F. him and to stop him?

He's proud of his handpicked deputy director, Andy McCabe, who lied under oath, lied to the inspector general, and has been criminally referred for that? And, of course, we know Jim's proud of himself, but the inspector general found him insubordinate.

And many of us believe that he either is or should be under investigation for violating the Espionage Act, for recording his conversations with President Trump in the Oval Office, and then intentionally leaking classified information to start this investigation.

So, Maria, as you know, as a former federal prosecutor, I have worked with hundreds of FBI agents. And over the last two years, they haven't used the word proud once to describe Jim Comey. They use words like embarrassed and ashamed.

And every time he sends out a tweet or pens an op-ed or conducts another town hall, he just tarnishes the brand of the premier law enforcement agency in the world that he unfortunately once headed.

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