Christie: Trump Had A "C-Level Legal Team," No One Interviewed McGahn Before Mueller


Former N.J. Governor Chris Christie weighed in on the performance of the president's legal team on ABC's"This Week" roundtable.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Let's go back to where this all really started and when the president looks back if he does get struck down, he's talking about Don McGahn in a tweet yesterday. The people he should be talking to are John Dowd and Ty Cobb who gave the screwiest advice I've ever seen to a sitting executive by saying --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Cooperate in part.

CHRISTIE: Let the White House counsel go in and give all the testimony he wants without restriction.

RAHM EMANUEL: He needs his money back for that.

CHRISTIE: I said to you, you remember, on this show, that they were a c-level legal team on their best way and let me tell you something, what's going on right now shows I had great insight.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Before we move on, let me play devil's advocate on that point. Say they decided to hold the line and in the face of holding the line Mueller does in fact subpoena the president, does in fact subpoena these White House aides and that makes the president, we all know, the president blow up and fire Mueller?

CHRISTIE: Donald Trump's self-preservation gene would never have permitted him to fire Bob Mueller. There's not much that I'm confident about --


CHRISTIE: No, no, he didn't try. He did what Donald Trump does.

EMANUEL: He blew up.

CHRISTIE: Which is to blow off steam and if someone else wants to go and do it, then go ahead and do it.

EMANUEL: Two things --

MAGGIE HABERMAN: The argument from a lot of people around him. He did touch the hot stove with Comey and I think he saw there was a lesson from that.

CHRISTIE: It's a big lesson he learned from that.

EMANUEL: Number one, get Mueller in front of Congress. Number two, the legal team should have known what McGahn was saying from day one.

CHRISTIE: No one interviewed Don McGahn before he got interviewed by Bob Mueller. Imagine the malpractice there.

EMANUEL: I'm not even a lawyer and I know not to do that.

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