Trump Mocks Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg: "Just Pick Somebody And Let's Start This Thing"


President Donald Trump, at a rally in Panama City, Florida on Wednesday night, mocked some of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. His targets included Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

"The thing the more they can hurt us, the worse they make us look, I think they're making us look better," Trump said about the field of Democratic candidates. "I mean, they want to do investigations instead of investments. They want to do what they're doing, which looks so foolish. Maybe I read it wrong, but I think it drives us right on to victory in 2020, because people get it!"

Biden: "One of the Democrats said today, it's a he, a sleepy person, that he heard from a lot of foreign leaders and they want him to be president. Of course, they do! So they can continue to rip off the United States, of course. I think if I heard that, I'd never vote for him."

Sanders: "And then you have Bernie, he's got some real beauties. Crazy Bernie. They have a choice between Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie. And I'll take any of 'em, just pick somebody please and let's start this thing.

Buttigieg: "And then we have boot-edge-edge. Boot edge-edge. He's got a great chance, doesn't he? He'll be great. He'll be great representing us against President Xi of China, that'll be great. I want to be in that room, I wanna watch that one."

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