Kellyanne Conway: Hillary Clinton Playing "Dangerous Game" Implying 2016 Election Was Stolen From Her


Kellyanne Conway said Hillary Clinton needs to "stop talking about herself" and instead focus on the American people. Conway added she was disappointed that Clinton hasn't used her platform to open the 'Hillary Clinton Center For Girls and Women' to help women and girls across the world.

HUGH HEWITT, RADIO HOST: All right. I want to play for you a bit of tape from yesterday. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked about the 2016 election. Here is what she said.

HILLARY CLINTON: Keep your eye on the whole landscape as it is moving forward. And I think it’s also critical to understand that as I’ve been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign. You can even become the nominee. And you can have the election stolen from you.

HH: All right, so Kellyanne Conway, you know what she means there. What’s your reaction to that? You were in the trenches. You didn’t steal anything. You outworked them, and you outsmarted them.

KELLYANNE CONWAY, WHITE HOUSE: Yeah, we got 304 electoral votes under her nose. She never saw it coming. Most people didn’t, and these media wrote these stories that Donald Trump had a 0% chance of winning. I’ve got all the stories clipped, and we’ll use them at some point. She knows she lost the election fairly and squarely, because she was A) she was a candidate, she was an overwhelming, excuse me, overestimated, underwhelming candidate who had this unbelievable fierce inability, intractable inability to connect with Americans. And contrast her to President Trump who as a candidate went out and said I’m here for the forgotten man and forgotten woman, and said exactly what he meant by that, Hugh, that people who were in the factories, factories that were closing, the people who were languishing in prison long after their jail sentences should have been finished, the people who were looking to get into…the folks who were being strangled by our regulatory scheme that was hurting small businesses and property owners and taxpayers and public school parents. But when Hillary Clinton is out there claiming that the election was stolen from her where nobody told her not to go to Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania. Nobody told her to not have a good message. Nobody told her to be the second-most popular person in a two-person household. Ooh, that must really hurt every morning. She lost that election fairly and squarely. And when she says it was stolen from her to hoots and hollers by the audience, she’s playing a dangerous game, because after the October 19th, 2016 debate when Candidate Trump was asked will you accept the election results, and he said I’ll let you know, I’ll keep you in suspense, and she said that is frightening. She tweeted out that’s democracy. And let’s just say that hasn’t aged well. None of it.

HH: That has not aged well. That’s aged poorly.

KC: That has not aged well. None of it has aged well at all. And so that tweet, here she is two and a half years later, literally will not accept the election results because she lost. But she had lost eight years previously to Senator Obama for the nomination for much of the same reasons. She simply can’t connect with Americans. And I know that’s hard for her to hear, but this nonsense about the 2016 election is probably angering a lot of the 2020 candidates, and God, there are sort of two dozen now on the Democratic side, because they cannot get out, they cannot sort of free themselves from Hillary wanting to go back and revisit the 2016 election. Also, I think people are very upset with Mueller, and they’re taking it out on Bill Barr, because they really thought Bob Mueller would finish the job Hillary could not get done, which is get Donald Trump, keep him out of this White House. Get him out of here. And Bob Mueller couldn’t get it done. They really thought he could do it. Hillary Clinton certainly couldn’t get it done. And all they do is embolden him, because they’re not focused on the issues of the day. They’re not focused on economy, infrastructure, health care, drug pricing, immigration, and education alike. And they’re focused on him. He’s talking to America, and they’re talking about him. But I think it’s a pathetic look for someone who heretofore was seen as Secretary of State, former senator, twice failed presidential candidate. That’s a pretty small group of people, but she’s among them, particularly females. But she’s actually, the disappointment I have in Hillary Clinton is somebody with that kind of platform and has, where is Hillary Clinton’s center for girls and women? Why aren’t you abroad helping women and girls all across the world? Where is, she got all that speech money. She still gets all that money. How is she putting it to good to help people in the future? She talks about herself. We have so much to do. She can call me today at the White House. I actually have her former office here in the West Wing. And she can call me today, and we can work on the issues of the day together on behalf of America. I challenge her to do that. Stop talking about herself, and start talking to Americans, particularly women and girls who need all of our help together. Lay down your partisan arms. Come together and help people in this country and stop talking about yourself already.

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