Sen. Mark Warner: Barr Is Acting Like "A Paid Hack for the President"


Via VICE News: As vice chair of the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has largely stayed above the partisan fray of the Russia investigation, while quietly helping conduct hundreds of hours of interviews with more than 200 witnesses, mostly behind closed doors. But after the redacted Mueller report was released and Attorney General William Barr seemed to create a smokescreen for President Trump, Warner is now ready to talk.

VICE News reporter Mike Laslo sat down with the senator in his Capitol Hill office on Thursday, the day Barr refused to appear for the second day of congressional testimony, and he unleashed his muted wrath on the attorney general, WikiLeaks, social media companies, the president and, of course, the Russians.

SEN. MARK WARNER: It is pretty amazing that Bill Barr, who is supposed to be a defender of the rule of law, he has completely failed that test. The fact that the attorney general didn't even look at any of the underlying evidence that framed the Mueller report is irresponsible, and instead, we've seen Barr trying to mimic and echo some of the Trump statements. If Bill Barr wants to be the president's personal lawyer, he should take that position and not be the attorney general of the United States...

It bothers me that we have a White House who has constantly undermined the intelligence community, the FBI, the Justice Department. And now we have an attorney general who is doing the same. I never thought I would say this, but Jeff Sessions, at least in terms of his respect for rule of law, looks a heck of a lot better than Barr...

On the obstruction of justice issue, that is not something that our committee has spent a lot of time on. Candidly, I'll leave that to the lawyers.

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