CNN's Michael D'Antonio: "America Should Be On The Watch" For Trump Not To Accept Election Loss


Michael D'Antonio, a CNN contributor and author of "The Truth About Trump," warned Monday that if President Trump loses in 2020, "he'll cook up some reason to stay" in office.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN: As Congress seeks more transparency about what Bob Mueller learned in the course of his two-year investigation, the president and one of his biggest supporters say he wants those two years of his presidency returned to him, in the form of a term extension. And let me answer your question. No. This is not constitutional and yes, this came from the president's Twitter page, where he suggests two years of his presidency were, quote, unquote, "stolen." He also retweeted where it says the president is owed preparations. Yes, reparations. This as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi forecasts an extreme scenario where if loses, Pelosi told the NYT she's concerned the president would not give up power voluntarily unless Democrats won by a big margin. So we go to CNN contributor Michael d'Antonio who wrote "The Truth About Trump." Michael, Trump has joked about extending presidential term limits before. But the idea of him circumventing the Constitution -- what?

MICHAEL D'ANTONIO: Well, this is typical Trump speak. This is a man who says outrageous things. He doesn't really have any sensitivity toward the impact it's going to have on the country or on just in the case of China tariffs on the markets, in the case of the rule of law, his obstructionist behavior regarding the Mueller investigation. You can find example after example where he says things that he thinks are in his self-interest. He throws them out there. He likes to see what the response will be. The use of the word "reparations" is very inflammatory, and then he'll wait and see what our reaction is, and if it's something that he thinks worked, he'll say it again.

CAMEROTA: I want to ask you about Michael Cohen, the president's former attorney who has just reported to prison today for three years. He spoke before heading to Otisville. He warned Congress that Trump may not leave office quietly.

MICHAEL COHEN: Given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear if he loses the election in 2020 there will never be a peaceful transition of power.

CAMEROTA: So that was when he testified in February. And during the election, he hinted that trump hinted that he may not accept the election's outcome if he did not win. And so Michael, finish my sentence. If President Trump loses reelection in 2020, he will-- blank.

D'ANTONIO: He'll try to cook up some reason to stay. I mean, I think he's going to make a very big deal over the outcome if it's not sweeping. So if he loses, in the case of the popular vote in 2016, he lost by 3 million votes. He then said that three to five million of those votes were illegally cast, and cast great doubt on the outcome of that election, even though it wound up with him in the oval office.

We've got to be wary about what's happening. The president is not cracking down on Russian interference because I think he wants Russian interference in 2020. He's not confident that he will win the game on the level, so he wants the fix to be in, and if Vladimir Putin is going to provide that edge for him, he'll take it. So I agree with Michael Cohen. That was the most important thing he testified to. I think Speaker Pelosi is right to be concerned. I think all of America should be on the watch for what happens on election day and right after.

CAMEROTA: And again, a reminder from last week, Trump's hour-long phone call with Putin never once did meddling or interference come up.

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