Nunes: Mueller Report "Cherry-Picked" Information To Portray Mifsud As Russian Agent, He Was Really A Western Agent


In an interview with FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures," Rep. Devin Nunes

"So how is it that we spend 30-plus-million dollars on this, as taxpayers and they can't even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is?"

MARIA BARTIROMO: The reason that we wanted to look at the opportunity for a predicate, was there probable cause, is because this is really getting to the point of what William Barr is looking at, what you have been looking at, what Lindsey Graham is looking at.

Why did the FBI open an investigation into the Trump campaign and spy on some of its members? So, before we get to your breaking news with this letter, what was your reaction to George Papadopoulos?

REP. DEVIN NUNES: Well, I have seen him interviewed several times. And every time that he speaks, we get more and more information.

And I think he is exactly right. One of the things that I'm asking for is all of the underlying information. So, if the FBI does in fact have transcripts of Papadopoulos talking to anyone, whether it's Mifsud or Downer or whoever, I think Congress and the American people have the right to know this, because, in fact, we paid for it.

And we had to deal with this for two-and-a-half years. We had to suffer through this. And one of my frustrations on this, Maria, is that we said, when the Mueller report came out that I now call the Mueller dossier, named after the Steele dossier that the Democrats had paid for, I said that we were going to comb through this with a fine-tooth comb.

One of the things that we're finding is, is that they used numerous, dozens of news stories. Now, remember, these are the same guys that were leaking classified information. So you had FBI leakers that would leak to the news. They do a fake news story. Then that news story would then get -- now we see was picked up in many cases and used by the Mueller dossier team.

I mean, we paid -- we paid $30 million for this?

So, why is this related to Mifsud? Well, the reason it's related to Mifsud... Mifsud really originates this investigation, because he's the first one that we know of that goes to someone within the Trump campaign and says, hey, I have got -- I think I know where the Clinton e-mails are.

So this is important, because, in the Mueller dossier, they use a fake news story to describe Mifsud. In one of those stories, they cherry- pick it.

BARTIROMO: OK. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on right there, because I want to go deeper into your letter.

But I want to just say, Mifsud is the guy who told Papadopoulos, Russia has Hillary Clinton's e-mails.


BARTIROMO: Mifsud is the guy that the London Center wanted Papadopoulos to meet.

So it was this London Center of Law that actually told Papadopoulos, you have to meet Mifsud. Mifsud then drops this bomb on him and says, Russia has Hillary Clinton's e-mails.

NUNES: Right.

BARTIROMO: Do you find it odd that all of these international intel guys are reaching out to Papadopoulos? Why reach out? Who is Papadopoulos?

He's working for Ben Carson.

NUNES: Look...

BARTIROMO: Then he's working for Trump. So how come somebody from Britain, Australia, Italy, they're all reaching out to him? And, by the way, how come this London Center of International Law reached out to Papadopoulos on LinkedIn to go work there, after Ben Carson withdrew?

NUNES: And I think a better question is, is that -- so, Papadopoulos claims that he was quitting this London Center.

So how many companies or agencies that you know of, when you say, hey, I'm quitting, and they say, hey, what about a free four-to-five-day vacation in Rome? We're going to fly you there. We're going to put you up for free. We're going to give you food... And all you have to do is meet this guy Mifsud, right... We're trying to get to the bottom of Mifsud. So, as we talked about it on the last segment, this guy originates the investigation. We know that the Mueller team wrote this Mueller dossier. They used a lot of these news stories that, in fact, sometimes were generated by leaks from the FBI.

Now, I don't think the American people expect 20 DOJ lawyers and 40 FBI agents to write a 450-page report that's built off of news stories that in many cases they generated.

Why I particularly have a problem with this is -- with one of the stories is because they pick a news story, and then they cherry-pick from it. So they use it partly to describe where Mifsud worked, but then they fail to say in that same story that they have given support to by using it in the Mueller dossier, they cherry-pick it.

And they don't use that Mifsud was described as a Western intelligence asset. Now, Maria, anybody who's out there, all they have to do is get on the World Wide Web. And if you type in Joseph Mifsud Link Campus, which is where he worked, you will see, you will find -- you don't even have to be able to read, OK?

You will find pictures of him with many foreign dignitaries, foreign leaders. You will see that the Link Campus had -- the FBI was on the Link Campus doing training nearly all the time, nearly every year.

So how is it that we spend 30-plus-million dollars on this, as taxpayers and they can't even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is?

So that's -- we're getting to the bottom of this. So, we believe he has ties to the State Department. The State Department -- actually, our State Department had him in the United States Capitol in 2017, Joseph Mifsud. This is -- and, remember, why is Mifsud so important?

Because Mueller, the Mueller dossier team, they essentially make this guy out to be a Russian asset under the control of Putin, said that he has ties to these Russians. Sound familiar?

So, this is the origination of this investigation. And it seems like Mifsud has an awful lot of ties to U.S., British, and Italian intelligence services.

BARTIROMO: Do you believe that the FBI had all of these sources out to entrap people from the Trump campaign, so that they could claim that there was a conspiracy, that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians, but, in fact, they put all of these sources all across the world to get to members of the Trump campaign, like they reached out to Papadopoulos?

NUNES: Well, remember what I said on your show last year.


NUNES: I think I actually said -- I think I said it first on your show, as I recall.

I said, I'm not worried about whether or not they were spying on the Trump campaign. That is fact. What I want to know is, how many spies, with an S, were involved in this?

I mean, it's -- and this is why we have to get to the bottom of this, why all this information needs to come out.

BARTIROMO: Let me ask you this.


NUNES: And the reason...

BARTIROMO: Yes, go ahead. Finish.


BARTIROMO: Finish your thought, Congressman.

NUNES: Well, on Mifsud, so, in the letter, we also point out there's a lot of talk about how Papadopoulos, who was just on earlier, he caused the FBI and the Mueller team problems because he didn't tell them about his -- the relationship with Mifsud and how Mifsud had offered e-mails.

Now, this is in 2017. OK? This is in the Mueller dossier. So this is all about, in 2017, how Papadopoulos harms their investigation. Right? Well, how is it then that the FBI -- or supposedly the FBI or other assets know to continually ask Papadopoulos about e-mails, about Clinton e-mails in 2016?

BARTIROMO: Right. Nobody knew it, except Mifsud and Papadopoulos. So, how did the FBI know if Mifsud wasn't an asset of the FBI?

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