David Brooks: Attorney General William Barr "Didn't Lie... But He Spun" In Favor Of Trump


New York Times columnist David Brooks said Friday on "PBS NewsHour" that Attorney General William Barr did not lie during his testimony before Congress as Nancy Pelosi claimed this week, but he did spin facts to favor the president.

JUDY WOODRUFF, PBS: David, what did you make of the attorney general this week before the Senate?

DAVID BROOKS, NYT: Yes, I thought it was best expressed by a piece by Benjamin Wittes, who's a legal expert in "The Atlantic."

He said he didn't see any sign of perjury, that he didn't lie, as Nancy Pelosi claims, but he spun. And so everything he said was shaded in the direction to make Trump look good.

And if there was one thing we needed right now, and one thing we need, it's people being honest, people who you can actually trust, who are not just spinners. And the job of attorney general is to — is not like the other administration jobs. It's supposed to have its own independent loyalty to the law and to the agency.

And when you become just another spinner for the president, then you're undermining your relationship to the American people. You're undermining your defense of the agency, and you're subtly undermining law.

And so I just would have loved for him to just get out there and say, here's the facts, you can trust me, I'm telling you straight.

But he didn't tell it straight. He withheld when he wanted to. He was — he sort of sidestepped things. He was just another press spokesman.

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