Rep. Gabbard on Venezuela: Trump Should Broker Diplomatic Solution With Russia


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said the U.S. is "saber-rattling" and that national security advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are "pushing" for a civil war in Venezuela.

"You have tensions being ratcheted up and this conflict being pushed closer and closer between nuclear-armed countries like the United States and countries like Russia and China," Gabbard described the situation in Venezuela.

"This is something that poses and existential threat to the American people and when you hear this kind of saber rattling coming from the Trump administration from people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo pushing this -- this Civil War and for the United States to get involved, we’re dealing with dangerous consequences," Gabbard warned in an interview with FOX News' Martha MacCallum.

Gabbard said Venezuela needs a peaceful reconciliation and not a military intervention and encouraged President Trump to help broker a diplomatic solution with Russia.

"The United States is not helping the situation by interfering and basically pushing for externally yet another regime change war that history shows us has not turned out to have a positive impact on people in the countries where we wage these wars. That's why I'm pushing for diplomacy," the Congresswoman said.

"We should use our leadership in the world to try to broker a diplomatic solution working with countries like Russia that have great influence over Venezuela so that there is a peaceful outcome," she suggested. "Because I can tell you as a soldier, Martha, I have seen firsthand the high cost of war and pushing for this civil war, pushing for the use of military force, will only end up with more suffering and death and disaster for the Venezuelan people."

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