Judiciary Charman Nadler: If We Don't Get Full Unedited Mueller Report, We Will Hold Barr In Contempt


House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler spoke to the press after he gaveled in a 15 minute hearing with an empty witness chair when Attorney General Bill Barr refused to testify. The chairman warned Barr that if he does not provide the full Mueller report without redactions to the committee he will be held in contempt of Congress:

QUESTION: How concerned are you that this is all going to get bogged down in the courts? And that your insistence for letting staff attorneys do some questioning, that it will now take even longer for you to get the answers you've been demanding?

REP. JERRY NADLER: We are going to use what process we have in the courts and elswhere to get the answers and information we need. In particular, the subpoena for the entire unredacted Mueller report and the underlying documents was due yesterday.

The Attorney General -- we got a letter last night refusing us -- refusing to adhere to the subpoena. This is indefensible and it is part of the attack on American democracy by this administration.

We will make one more good faith attempt to negotiate and to get the access to the (Mueller) report that we need ... If we don’t get that, we will proceed to hold the attorney general in contempt.

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