Trump: AG Barr "Did A Fantastic Job"


President Trump reacted to Attorney General Bill Barr's performance at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday. Trump told FOX Business Network host Trish Regan that Barr is being treated differently than previous attorneys general in an interview broadcasted Wednesday evening.

TRISH REGAN, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Let me to turn to the news today.  My goodness I -- did you see this?  I’m sure you did.  You must have caught parts of it.  Attorney General Barr there with his testimony.  Fox has learned that Attorney Barr is -- is not actually going to go to the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow.  How come?
PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP:  Well I guess they want to treat him differently than they have anybody else.  And for many, many years they’ve never done it this way where they’re bringing in outside council or something.
And that’s not the way -- you know you elect people.  They’re supposed to be able to do their own talking.  But he did a fantastic job today I’m told.  I got to see some of it.  He did a fantastic job.
And it’s all a big hoax, this whole thing with Russia.  It turned out there is no collusion.  There is no obstruction.  You’ve covered it better than, frankly, almost anybody if not anybody but there was -- the whole thing is -- it’s just a terrible blot on our country and what it represents.
But there was never obstruction, there was never collusion.  You look at it, it’s all just -- it’s a political game.  Now I’ll tell you on the other side, there’s plenty to be talking about.  They covered, I heard, very much with Strzok and Page and the insurance policy and all of the things that happened that are so terrible, so disgusting frankly.  Comey.  And you look at all the Democrats; they all wanted to fire Comey until I fired him.
You know Schumer, every one of them -- I would say practically every one of them, they wanted him out, and then as soon as I -- as soon as he’s gone they were all holier than thou.  Oh, that’s such a terrible thing to do.  Look, it’s all politics. It’s terrible.  It’s terrible.

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