Ted Lieu: "Bill Barr Can Choose To Be A Lying Partisan Hack"


Appearing on MSNBC just before the beginning of Attorney General Bill Barr's Senate testimony, Rep. Ted Lieu said he hopes Barr understands that "he's supposed to be America's attorney, not Donald Trump's personal lawyer."

"I really hope he gets that. Otherwise, he should resign."

REP. TED LIEU: Look, Bill Barr can choose to be a lying partisan hack. It just means he needs to go work for the Trump campaign but he can't be attorney general. That's a position that requires independence, integrity, an oath to the constitution. He's supposed to be America's attorney, not Donald Trump's personal lawyer, and I really hope he gets that. Otherwise, he should resign.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, MSNBC: Can he really object to being questioned by counsel with a straight face as opposed to or in conjunction with members?

LIEU: Not at all. America should be asking, well, what is Bill Barr scared of? Last term under Republican control of the Judiciary Committee, I was in multiple hearings, closed-door hearings, where staff counsel questioned witnesses from the Justice Department. Bill Barr has no legal defense to why he needs to be questioned only by members of Congress. He is simply trying to delay and obstruct. He needs to come in tomorrow and answer questions and be the person that he says he wants to be, which is to be independent. We will see if he can be that.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Final question, congressman, on the upside does the letter from Mueller now that it's in public domain explain a lot to you?

LIEU: Absolutely. Not only is the mere writing of the letter by Robert Mueller extraordinary but Bill Barr's actions are even more extraordinary. Not only did he mislead the American people with a four-page summary, he gets this letter from Mueller telling him he mischaracterized the Mueller report and then he goes before Congress twice and misleads the American people again, and then he does a press conference misleading the American people. That is beyond the pale. Those actions are unacceptable and Bill Barr really should resign.

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