Sen. Booker to AG Barr: Your "Normalization" Of Trump's Actions Is "Problematic"


Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) reflects on President Trump's actions and said we're at a "very sobering moment in American history" in his questioning of Attorney General Bill Barr at Wednesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ): As I take a step back at this, I just really think we're at a very sobering moment in American history, that there is a considerable amount going on when you actually take time and read this whole report, that shows that we're sort of at a crossroad, and I fear that we're descending into a new normal that is dangerous for our democracy on a number of levels.

And I fear unfortunately and I hope we have a chance to discuss this, that you have not only put your own credibility into question, but seem to be giving sanction to behavior through the language you used in that press conference you held, the language you used in your summary that stimulated Mueller to write such a strong rebuking letter, I fear that you are adding normalcy to a point where we should be sounding alarms, as opposed to saying that there is nothing to see here.

And so one, this 448-page report that has a deep litany of lies and deceit and misconduct, of the president of the United States instructing people to lie and to be deceitful, evidence of people trying to cover up behavior that on its face is morally wrong, whatever the legal standard is. I found it, number one, by saying that this kind of obstructive conduct was acceptable, not only acceptable but your sentence literally saying that the American people should be grateful for it, that is the beginning of normalization that I want to explore.

But the second thing I want to explore, we'll explore this, but I want to make my two statements at the top. One, that is problematic. And General, the second problem I have is that you seem to be excusing a campaign that literally had hundreds of contacts with a foreign adversary that I think there's a conclusion amongst on a bipartisan conclusion, that there was a failure to even report those contacts, that we engaged in behaviors that folks knew that were wrong, that they tried to actively hide, they seem to capitalize, seemed to capitalize on this foreign interference. I mean in our country, we know it is illegal for a campaign and wrong for a campaign to share polling data with an American superpac, but we have here documented a level of coordination with a foreign adversary sharing polling data.

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