Blumenthal To Barr: "History Will Judge You Harshly," "You Are The Designated Fall Guy For This Report"


Sen. Richard Blumenthal told Attorney General Bill Barr during his Judiciary Committee testimony this week that "history will judge [him] harshly... because you seem to have been the designated fall guy for this report."

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: I think history will judge you harshly, and maybe a bit unfairly, because you seem to have been the designated fall guy for this report. And think that conclusion is inescapable in light of the four-page summary and the press conference you did on the day it was released knowing that you had in hand a letter from the special counsel saying that he felt that you mischaracterized his report. And you were asked by one of my colleagues, Senator Van Hollen, whether you know -- whether you knew that Bob Mueller supported your conclusion, and you said, "I don't know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion." You were asked by Representative Crist --

ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL BARR: Excuse me, senator. That conclusion was not related to my description of the findings in the March 24th letter. That conclusion refers to my conclusion on the obstruction cases. So it's a different conclusion.

BLUMENTHAL: It was exactly the same word, conclusions, that was used by special counsel Mueller, on the obstruction issue, at page 8 and 182 of the report, I don't know if you have it in front of you, the special counsel specifically said, "At the same time," I'm quoting, "if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice we would so state." He said it again at page 182.

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