Schiff: AG Barr Lied To Congress; "There's No Sugar-Coating This, He Should Step Down"


Wednesday morning on CBS, Rep. Adam Schiff called for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign following reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is unhappy with the way Barr characterized the conclusions of Mueller's Russia probe.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: Frankly, after getting now two or three misleading summaries from the Justice Department through the attorney general, I don't think we can rely on the Justice Department to be summarizing what Bob Mueller said in that conversation with Bill Barr. We know from Mueller's own words from that letter that he viewed the Barr summary as misleading, essentially allowing the White House to create this false narrative.

No, this is serious business. What Barr's going to have to explain today is why he deliberately misled the Congress. His statements in particular to Representative [Charlie] Crist. When Rep. Crist asked him, are you aware of these reservations that were reported in the press, and Barr's answer was no, that was deliberately false and misleading. You know, I think the additional question, John, is we suspected before we got the report that Mueller produced his own summary. Why did Barr feel it necessary to create his own summary to help the White House in this way? And now we know not only did those summaries exist but Mueller had pleaded with him to release those to the public.

JOHN DICKERSON, CBS NEWS: Let me ask it this way. Do you think the attorney general lied to Congress?

SCHIFF: I think his statement was deliberately false and misleading and most people would consider that a lie. He is a very smart man. He knew exactly what he was being asked by Congress and he knew his answer was false. There's no sugar-coating this, I think he should step down. It's hard for the country to have confidence in the top law enforcement official in the country if he is asked a direct question, as he was, and he gives a directly false answer. This is serious business. If after two years of work and investigating implicating the president of the U.S., for the attorney general to mislead the public for the entire month before releasing that report is inexcusable.

Watch Schiff's full interview via CBS:

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