Gingrich: Kamala Harris Is Most Likely To Win Democratic Presidential Nomination


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told CBS News Monday morning that he thinks California Sen. Kamala Harris is in the best position of the 20 Democratic candidates for president to win the party's nomination.

"I think the one most likely to be nominated is Kamala Harris," Gingrich said. "She has California as a base. She is a very articulate and likable person, and I think she represents a new generation in a way that Biden and Sanders are going to be unable to match."

"The dynamic of the Democratic Party right now is to the left in a way that Biden can't cope with, and it is also to newer faces that I think Sanders has a hard time to cope with," he added.

Gingrich said that while he thinks Harris is most likely to win the nomination, South Bend Mayr Pete Buttigieg would be the hardest for President Trump to beat: "He's from the Midwest, he's the mayor of a small town, he has no particular public record. He can be like Jimmy Carter used to be, a Rorschach test, you paint on him what you want."

He also noted that President Obama might not have endorsed Biden out of worry that he can not win.

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