Trump on Border Crossings: "It's Like Disneyland... It's A Disaster"


President Trump joined FNC's Maria Bartiromo on the phone Sunday morning to discuss illegal immigration. Bartiromo said that from where she was standing near the border in El Paso, Texas, she saw three separate groups of illegal immigrants enter the country.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRMP: Well people are pouring up because our economy is so good. I mean, unfortunately, it is the only bad part about what we're doing. Everybody wants a piece of it and they're willing to come up and take the risk of this tremendous danger.

And our laws are so bad. The combination of having a great economy and having the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the world by far, and we have catch and release, and we have chain migration, and the visa lottery, we have things that nobody in their right mind would have. We're trying to get rid of them, the Democrats won't do it. We need some Democrats votes, we're unanimous with the Republicans but we need some Democrat votes and they go out of their way to allow these people to come in.

And when you get acute, when you get tough, when you do all of these things you have to do, and they end up arresting border patrol people it's a disgrace to our country what's going on. The worst immigration laws ever. Incompetent. They're there for a long time. When they used to separate children, which was done during the Obama administration, with Bush, with us, with everybody, far fewer people would come.

And we've been, on a humane basis, it's bad. We go out and stop the separation and the problem is you have ten times as many people coming up with their families.

It's like Disneyland now. Before you would get separated and some people would say let's not go up. Now, you don't get separated, and while that sounds nice and all, what happens is you have ten times as many people coming up because they know they're not going to be separated from their children. So it turned out to be a disincentive, which is obviously a disaster. It's a disaster...

You have people coming up with many children and we know where everybody is and we’re moving people out so fast. The problem is we have to register them, we have to bring them to court. Another country just says sorry, you can’t come into our country and they walk them out. In our country you have to bring them to court, you have to have Perry Mason involved, I mean, you know, it’s all legal. You have lawyers standing at the border, our people, lawyers, wise guys standing at the border, signing people up. Every time they catch a cold they try and blame Border Patrol. It’s a disgrace what’s going on and it -- it could be solved in -- in 15 minutes if the Democrats would give us the votes, it would be over.

We’re building a lot of wall. We’re going to have 400 miles of wall up by the end of next year. So the wall is going to be -- it’s going to be great. It’s going to be the top of the line, too. I got it done. The top of the line...

What we need is new laws that don’t allow this so when somebody comes in we say sorry, you got to go out.

We don’t need a court system, we have a court system that is – has 900,000 cases behind it. In other words, they have a court which needs to hear 900,000 cases, how ridiculous is this? This has been building up from years, from many years.

And it’s just – it’s just a system that Congress can fix, Maria, and they don’t get off their ass. And it’s the Democrats that could solve it so quickly because we’re going to have all the infrastructure soon, I’ll have the wall up, I mean by the end of the next year most of the wall is going to be up.

Where you are where the wall ends, that’s part of the wall that we’re building, in other words where the wall ends that’s the weak spot, it’s like water. They come through the weak spots...

They’ll all be taken care of fairly quickly, I mean despite the fact that it’s like pulling teeth dealing with the Democrats, I have to go different routes to get money. It’s lucky I’m good at doing that as being a developer, I used to build buildings, good times, bad times, you build buildings.

And getting money in bad times, well this is – this is great times, but getting money for a wall – they give me money for anything I want but as long as it has the word wall they don’t want to do it.

But I have the money, I’m building the wall.

And frankly if they would change the laws it would be a whole different scene down there it could happen so quickly.

BARTIROMO: So realistically, Mr. President, when would you expect that because Senator Lindsey Graham came on this show two weeks ago and said look, I’m going to come back from recess, I’m going to put together a package, I’m going to work with the president to change these loopholes and change the immigration laws.

Do you see that happening in 2019?

TRUMP: Yes, Lindsey’s been great, we have a package of things that we’re asking for and we’re actually going for a much bigger package than – rather than those little things which are not little at all in terms of their importance, but we’re making a plan where we really talk about immigration laws on a much larger scale.

And we also have a plan for people coming in, because you know, we have so many companies coming into the United States because of my plan and because of our tax cuts and the tax plan, it’s called really tax cut and jobs plan, we have so many companies – you know it better than anybody, you cover it better than anybody, you saw the numbers yesterday, 3.2 percent GDP.

Nobody believed it, even you were surprised I’m so disappointed in you, you were surprised, you just don’t know me well enough yet I guess. But one of those – but we have such great numbers and we have companies pouring in.

The problem is we need workers and we’re doing a plan based on merit where people come in, Maria, based on merit so they can help us. They have skills, they have talent. We have people coming in under these crazy laws that – I mean under these crazy laws that – I mean if they – if they need welfare or if they need hand outs in the next 50 years, they – they’re almost incentivized.

Those are the people that we’re supposed to be taking and we take as few as possible of them, I’ll tell you...

But the way the laws are, it’s brutal. And they start arresting border patrol people and these incredible people that are doing such a good job, if they want to do anything and if they want to be a little bit cute. It is really a disaster. Whoever approved this stuff had no common sense or they hated our country, one or the other.

BARTIROMO: Well, let me tell you – Mr. President, I know you have to run. But, you know, all of the 2020 contenders who want to run against you in 2020, you haven’t heard a peep out of them about this. Beto O’Rourke is actually from El Paso. I don’t know what he’s done about this problem. And then, of course, you’ve got Bernie and now you’ve got Joe Biden. They’re not characterizing this as a crisis, sir.

TRUMP: So Beto O’Rourke wants to take down the wall, so that means he’s finished, I mean he was finished two weeks ago when he started saying certain very stupid things. Beto O’Rourke has been exposed.

I think Biden has been exposed, I don’t know what the hell happened to Biden, I never saw that before. I’ve – I don’t know, it just doesn’t look like the same Biden. I said is that really Joe Biden?

He doesn’t look the same to me. I’ve known him for a long time, I’ve seen him for a long time. I said what happened to him? So he’s – he’s been exposed because he’s very weak.

He doesn’t want to talk about this. No but they don’t want to talk about this, I don’t – I don’t get what their plan is. Do they want to let people in that shouldn’t be here, because we have people that are trying to get in that shouldn’t be here.

Think of the word apprehend, the border security is apprehending 100,000 people a month, do you know how many people that is? It’s incredible the job they do.

The problem is with these laws, we should be able to take him right out. We can’t. We have to bring them into a court, whoever heard of that?


TRUMP: We’re the only country in the world that I know of that has a courts system and it’s a – it’s a mobile court system, I mean it is on the border and with all of these cases, 900,000 cases, you need to do 900,000 – you’d need 100,000 lawyers.

I mean it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen.

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