Trump: John McCain Did Nation A "Tremendous Disservice" When He Went Thumbs Down


President Trump is asked by FOX News host Sean Hannity about Republican plans to take on Obamacare in the Senate:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST:  Mr. President I have known you personally for well over two decades.  And by the way I don't think the fake news brand is going away, but on all the issues you ran on -- conservative, originalist, constitutional justices, tax cuts, deregulation, Israel, Iran, foreign policy, the wall.  We're now energy independent for the first time in I think 70, 75 years.  We are now a net exporter of energy.  The one thing Republicans, you've gotten part of it done.  That was that the individual mandate.  

And you want to take on healthcare and Mitch McConnell said not this year.  

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP:  Right. Well, he is going to be great.  Mitch is doing a very good job.  We really work -- he’s got a passion for the courts, and a passion for judges.  We worked great on that.  And we’ll be really good with healthcare.  I mean, we want to have -- we are going to do things that nobody has ever seen on healthcare.  

But we have to get back to the House.  And in order to do it, we have to take back the House.  If we don't take back the House, then we have a problem.  You are never going to have good healthcare, because Obamacare is a disaster.  It’s too expensive, not working.  

And we had it done.  It was done and then John McCain at the very last moment late in the evening went thumbs down and everybody said, what was that?  

John McCain went thumbs down.  He did the Republican Party a tremendous disservice and did the nation a tremendous disservice.  Tremendous.  And it's unfortunate but we had it done.  

And had we known he was going to -- because he said he was voting for it all day long.  Had we known he was going to vote against it, I think we could have convinced one of the other two people that voted against it.  We could have convinced them.  I feel confident to go for it.

But we didn’t even try because we knew we had John McCain and we had everybody, and we’re all set.  And he went thumbs down at the very last moment.  And I thought it was a disgraceful thing to do and very, very bad for our country and bad for healthcare.  

Watch the full interview:

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