Omarosa: Trump Has A List Of "Crazy" Ideas That He Uses To Distract The Media


Omarosa Manigault, the former "Apprentice" contestant who briefly worked at the White House, told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Thursday morning that President Trump has a list of "crazy" ideas that are meant to be tossed out as distractions "to blow up the press or take over the front covers of the newspapers."

She said that Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller came up with the list of "shocking proposals" and that "child separation" was one of them.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Omarosa, every time I see you talking about Donald Trump, I'm in sort of like struck by how much you are tapped into his instincts. And so this is vintage Trump to immediately start getting on a soapbox and saying the subpoenas are ridiculous. What do we expect his behavior will bring us next as it pertains to answering questions to the House Oversight Committee?

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: I think what you're going to see is classic Trump. Trump is going to try to create chaos. It's obviously Donald Trump is hiding something from the American people and he knows it's certainly that will affect his presidency and keep him from ever being re-elected.

BRZEZINSKI: So his distractions are things he just throws out there? He doesn't care if they're true or not? This is the New York media world that he had fun with years ago, but he's doing it in the White House.

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: Well, let me tell you, they have this list of these very shocking proposals and they would come up with them when Steve Bannon was there, and Steve Miller, and just keep them on the side. Whenever they needed to throw a hand grenade to just blow up the press or take over the front covers of the newspaper, they would pull out one of these very shocking proposals. Many of them dealt with something trying to eradicate one of Barack Obama's signature legislative accomplishments or something that he did during his presidency. But they had them in their pocket. They talked about all of these different things. In fact, early on in the administration whey talked about child separations. We never imagined they would do them but that was one of the shocking proposals on this crazy list that Steve Bannon and Steve Miller came up with.

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