Eric Metaxas: The Secular Left No Longer Believes In Having Children


Eric Metaxas, radio host and author, joins FNC's Tucker Carlson to discuss ways the government could encourage Americans to have more children:

ERIC METAXAS: The secular left has decided that to be pro-family, to be pro-child, is somehow a patriarchal bourgeois idea whose time has gone. Of course, Hilter talked about German women having a lot of kids -- we don't want to do that anymore. Fundamentally, when you have a secular worldview or a leftist worldview you're talking about a zero-sum game. It is a fundamentally hopeless idea that says we can't grow, we'll never grow, we have to import people from someplace else. We don't do growth anymore. And by the way, the European west is not reproducing itself.

As secular values encroach and biblical views like "be fruitful and multiply," "children are a blessing from God," as those ideas go away you have a staggering situation. It is much more hip to have an abortion than it is to bring a child to term or to say, "I'm going to raise this child because children are a blessing." All of these ideas have got us to where we are now, it is very strange, it is very hopeless stuff...

Nobody really says this because it is too ugly to say, but if you actually believe that we evolved out of the primordial soup and by happenstance got here by accident then our lives literally have no meaning. We don't want to talk about that because it is too horrific, nobody can really live with it. But what we do is, we buy into that idea and wonder what can I do. Since there is no God, I guess now I can have guilt-free pleasure and spend the few decades I have trying to take care of number one and have as much fun as I can. By the way, having kids requires some sacrifice, I don't have time for that...

The secular left, most of whom are the media pundits, don't know that. Most of the people who are cultural elites don't know that, and they live in a world where to talk about being pro-family or to have a lot of kids is unthinkable and distasteful.

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