Swalwell: There Was Certainly Evidence Of Collusion, Not Evidence Beyond A Reasonable Doubt


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a candidate for president, told FOX News' Julie Banderas that he will never apologize for accusing President Trump of colluding with Russia. Swalwell continued to insist there is evidence, however none that is beyond a reasonable doubt.

JULIE BANDERAS, FOX NEWS: Will Democrats apologize?

REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I’ll never apologize for loving our country so much that I don’t think any campaign transition or president should draw as close to the Russians and welcome their support and never tell law enforcement while they were seeking to support them. I’ll always stand on our side, rather than Russia’s and I just wish the President would too.

BANDERAS: But do you not believe that there should be an apology when it comes to the spying and I understand the democrats didn’t like that word coming out of William Barr’s mouth but I mean the bottom line is if there was spying on a presidential campaign that is a big deal and apparently President Obama knew about the spying. You don’t think that merits an apology?

SWALWELL: No, because I read the first 200 pages of volume one in the Mueller report and it laid out a multiplicity of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians and I asked if all of this happens again in the 2020 campaign, do we believe that our intelligence community should do nothing and just say you know what, we’re just going to allow campaigns to work with foreign adversaries. They had a right to investigate, I accept and I’ll be the first one to say Bob Mueller doesn’t believe it means the proof beyond a reasonable doubt standard but it doesn’t mean that it’s OK, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do something in the future to make sure republicans or democrats don’t work with foreign adversaries, we have duty to protect this country still.

BANDERAS: But if there is not proof, if there’s no beyond a reasonable doubt as you just mentioned to go and spy on a campaign that’s not OK.

SWALWELL: Well, so I will take a little umbrage of that Julie because beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest standard in the law, to start an investigation you just need a reasonable suspicion, it’s a lower standard and it’s for good reason because you can’t reach conclusions until you start to investigate, there was certainly evidence of collusion, not evidence that met the beyond a reasonable doubt standard. But this President in no way is cleared in the way that he knew what the Russians were doing and even in a car ride is telling Rick Gates that he is welcoming and they have a plan for the WikiLeaks release. I mean that’s not someone who has no knowledge of what adversaries doing.

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