Bob Woodward on Mueller Report: Now We Wait For The Tapes


"Watergate" journalist Bob Woodward told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday that in the wake of the Mueller report, he is waiting for someone to come forward with "tapes or new evidence."

WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC: Having been through a few of these fights and a few of these administrations, particularly one comes to mind. What did you make of the report and what do you believe happens next?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, first of all, I think the report is quite amazing, and the Attorney General Barr did himself a massive disservice because his letter quoted a portion of the report that looked like Trump was off the hook on obstruction of justice, but as we know on page 182, Mueller makes it very clear that they did not reach this issue because of evidence, because they could not make a determination determination. Joe may remember this, but the day Reagan was shot 1981 was it was Al Haig who rushed in and defined the way people were going to remember him by saying 'I'm in charge here.' Of course, he wasn't.

And Barr is going to be remembered for this because it was not — it was just a deception and a misrepresentation of what this report shows.

Now, where it goes, I think it turns on the quality of evidence. In the Nixon case again, I’m sorry to go back but the tapes showed conclusively the President of the United States ordered the payment of hush money to the Watergate burglars and their overseers. He did it again and again, said, 'Let’s blow the safe, let’s break in.'

Now, in the case of the Trump case here, as Michael Schmidt I think was wisely pointing out, they stumbled, Trump stumbled. It was kind of obstruction of justice-lite. And as I reported in my book, there were lots of people who said, 'I’m not going to do these things that he ordered.' So where this goes, does somebody come up with tapes or new evidence? I think that would be the propellant here.

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