NBC's Brian Williams: Attorney General Looked Like "Baghdad Bill Barr"


NBC News anchor Brian Williams responded to the attorney general's press conference ahead of the public release of the Mueller report by nicknaming him "Baghdad Bill Barr," a reference to Saddam Hussein's spokesperson who was dubbed "Baghdad Bob" by the American media.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS: it's already been mentioned around here, it would harken back to a conflict decades ago, we would not be surprised if some headline writer somewhere came up somewhere with "Baghdad Bill Barr" for what we saw today. I'll read you four different quotes.

Quote one: "Put another way, the special counsel found no collusion by any Americans."

Quote two: "In other words, there was no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government hacking."

Quote three: "After finding no underlying collusion with Russia, the special counsel's report goes on to consider whether certain actions of the president could amount to obstruction."

Quote four: "Yet as he, Donald Trump, said from the beginning there was, in fact, no collusion."

You and others have pointed out this word "collusion" is not a term in the law.

JOYCE VANCE: It's not a term in the law, but it's clear that as the Attorney General Bill Barr knows how to speak the president's language and is speaking to an audience larger than an audience of one. But this certainly resonates with the president.

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