Giuliani: Trump's Intent Was "To Not Get Framed," Fall Into A "Perjury Trap"


Attorney for President Donald Trump and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani speaks to FOX News' Bill Hemmer, Sandra Smith, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace following the release of the Mueller report.

"You're not going to find a darn thing" in special counsel Robert Mueller's report that shows that the Trump campaign "had any kind of connection with whatever the Russians were doing," Giuliani told FNC.

GIULIANI: If anybody who fairly looks at it who is a good lawyer and applies the principles of obstruction of justice and doesn’t make it up, then there's nothing the president has to worry about now. The report could have been perfect and they could have said the president failed to pay for parking tickets. And Jerry Nadler would go after him. So it is a political exercise for them.

This isn't an exercise of fairness. I mean they prejudged this case a year ago. They turned out to be totally wrong about it. So now they're trying to resurrect something out of it over obstruction. But I mean it's kind of ridiculous to go after a man for obstruction when he was falsely accused, he was defending himself. His intent in each one of these situations all 10 of them is easily explained as an intent to not get framed.

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