CNN's Cuomo vs. Giuliani: Will You Apologize For Trump Trying To "Benefit" From Russian Interference?


CNN host Chris Cuomo grilled President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in an intense interview Thursday night following the release of the Mueller report. Cuomo demanded that Giuliani if he'll apologize for Trump "lying" about Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and that his campaign "tried to get the benefit" of that.

"So he didn't believe his Dan Coats intel expert.  The Mueller probe just showed the same thing that the intel community said it was Russia.  He embarrassed this country on the world stage.  He did it to protect himself.  Will he apologize?" the CNN host asked in the clash that lasted for nearly 30 minutes on 'Cuomo Prime Time'

Transcript, via CNN:

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST:  All right.  So, I wanted to start by offering you an invitation that you had given me the last time you were on.  You asked me to apologize. 
I want to know if you will apologize on the part of the president for denying Russian interference all along, lying to the American people about it and will you apologize on his behalf because we now know dispositively there was Russian interference.
CUOMO:  They wanted to help the president and his campaign tried to get the benefit of that.  So, is (INAUDIBLE) apology?
GIULIANI:  The president to this day has no knowledge of Russian interference in his campaign.  And the president has just -- I mean, the president has just been -- it’s been determined that the whole issue of collusion with the Russians, both for him, his campaign, anyone in his campaign, even collusion with releasing the information or conspiracy or cooperation, it's completely untrue.  
CUOMO:  Criminal. 
GIULIANI:  And this is the second time -- this is the second time -- nope.  Same determination was made in the counter intelligence investigation conducted by Peter Strzok, and the same FBI. 
CUOMO:  Well, I hear, but I’m making a different point. 
GIULIANI:  With four electronic, at least four electronic surveillances. 
CUOMO:  I just want to be clear, one, surveillance isn't spying.  If it’s justified, (INAUDIBLE), it’s derogatory word.
GIULIANI:  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Wait, wait, wait. 
CUOMO:  But let’s not get sidetracked.  I want to ask --
GIULIANI:  I’m not so sure about that.
CUOMO:  Mr. Mayor, one point at a time, please?
GIULIANI:  That surveillance is based on an extremely, extremely false affidavit. 
CUOMO:  Well, we will know when we see it but for right now, that's speculative.  So, let's just -- 
GIULIANI:  It isn’t speculative.
CUOMO:  Let’s just stick with the pattern please, Mr. Mayor.  We know there was Russian interference. 
The president I would argue has the most reason to know.  He has the most access to intelligence.  He's the closest to the actual sources that have gathered the intelligence.  We know from the Mueller report and from our intel community the Russians interfered but here is what the president said on the world stage --
GIULIANI:  Tell me when he said it. 
CUOMO:  -- putting America second to Putin.  Here it is.  You can watch. 
DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  All I can do is ask the question.  People came to me, Dan Coats came to me and some others.  They said, they think it's Russia.  I have President Putin.  He just said it's not Russia. 
I will say this: I don't see any reason why it would be. 
CUOMO:  So he didn't believe his Dan Coats intel expert.  The Mueller probe just showed the same thing that the intel community said it was Russia.  He embarrassed this country on the world stage.  He did it to protect himself. 
Will he apologize? 
GIULIANI:  First of all, I wouldn't tell him to apologize.  I'd have to know what he knows. 
CUOMO:  You know what he knows.  And instead, he said he believed Vladimir Putin over his own democratic institutions --
GIULIANI:  I don't have access to that.  I don’t have access to that information.  I’m not his intelligence adviser or his national security adviser. 
CUOMO:  Just heard him say, Dan Coats told him it was Russia.  We know Mueller believes it was Russia.
GIULIANI:  I heard the president say he might have a different view.  It's not unusual.  You might have a somewhat different view than your advisers.
CUOMO:  It is if it's founded on nothing. 
GIULIANI:  I’m just going to speculate because I don't have any facts.  I do a certain amount of work in the area of cybersecurity and these determinations are percentages.  So I haven't seen the report on Russia.  I doubt it's 100 percent. 
CUOMO:  Mr. Mayor --  
GIULIANI:  Probably a very high percentage I assume. 
CUOMO:  Mr. Mayor, it's not fruitful to discuss any other possibility.  Everybody that's in the business of knowing has come to the same conclusion.  Nobody has a reason to lie except the president of the United States. 
GIULIANI:  The president didn't lie.  The president has a different opinion than you do.  A different view. 
Look, I’ve gone through a lot of intelligence reports -- 
CUOMO:  Yes.
GIULIANI:  -- and they’re not like -- it's not like, you know, the score of a baseball game, 6-2.  It's some of this, some of that.  Basically you figure out, you figure out where you've been hacked because some common group of intermediaries and other countries use those intermediaries. 
CUOMO:  Everybody that's looked at it from the United States has come to the same conclusion. 
GIULIANI:  I’ve only seen one or two situations where you can determine beyond any doubt that you caught the person that did it. 
CUOMO:  Everybody in the business of doing that says that except the president.  Now, in terms of just what we learned from this Mueller report --
GIULIANI:  Maybe you have to know more about the material that’s available to him. 
CUOMO:  The idea of did he commit a crime, I think we're good when it comes to was our president or his campaign part of Russian interference?  I think the American people have reason to accept as fact what Mr. Mueller found very thorough -- no, I cannot make a case beyond a reasonable doubt that they coordinated or conspired.  OK. 
GIULIANI:  I think -- I’m glad that's over.

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