Ken Starr: A Fair "Concern" If Mueller Report Will Be Fair And Balanced Given His "Choice Of Staff"


Former independent counsel Ken Starr questions whether the Mueller report can be written in a "fair and balanced" way given his choice of staff.

"The report is going to be redacted so obviously we're not going to see the full report," Starr said Wednesday on FOX News. "That's going to be frustrating for all of us. And people will say where is more and more. But the concern, that I think is a fair concern is, is the report going to be written in a fair and balanced way? It's a concern."

"Now why the concern? Because of Bob Mueller, who I hold in very high regard, his choice of staff. So many questions have been raised about that staff and their leanings and so forth. And they've had the opportunity, without any kind of cross-examination, any kind of check, any kind of balance, to write whatever they want to write. And that, I think, legitimately raises concern of fairness and balance," Starr said.

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