Andrew Yang: Foreign Policy Should Be More "Restrained And Judicious," "Rely More On The U.N."


PBS's Lisa Desjardins sits down with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang to discuss foreign policy, the proliferation of combative political rhetoric in the U.S., how the country should confront its new economic realities, his proposal for taxes and guaranteed income and more.

LISA DESJARDINS: I want to turn to foreign policy.

We're in a time of very significant global tension. And there is U.S. presence on the ground in dozens of countries right now. We have seen just in the last week protests and overthrow and Africa. ISIS is weak, but still surviving in Syria. Afghanistan is not yet fully stable.

I'm wondering which of those situations you think would call for U.S. involvement, if any, and what kind of involvement. What is your foreign policy vision?

ANDREW YANG: Well, I would want to rebuild the partnerships and alliances that we have had over the last number of years that in many cases have become very frayed because some of our longstanding allies now regard the United States as an unreliable partner.

And, to me, our foreign policy should reflect how we're doing at home. In my opinion, the reason why Donald Trump is our president is that we have been falling apart at home. So job number one is to rebuild the American community, the American people.

And our foreign policy should become much more restrained and judicious. I would want to rebuild our partnerships and alliances, and hopefully rely more on the U.N. and diplomacy and multilateral approaches to problems.

LISA DESJARDINS: Would you pull out U.S. forces from, say, Afghanistan and Syria altogether?

ANDREW YANG: Over time, that should be the goal.

And, certainly, we shouldn't have done it in the way that President Trump did when he did it abruptly and didn't notify allies. And then some friends of mine resigned, you know, in protest. I mean, if you're going to do something, you have to do it responsibly.

But we have been in some of these contexts for many years. And, at this point, it's time to own the fact that we should bring those troops home.

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