Rahm Emanuel: Counterintelligence Investigation Into Trump Campaign Was Approved By The Courts


Chicago Mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel weighed in on the attorney general's statement that he thinks spying was done on the Trump campaign during 2016.

MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL (D), CHICAGO: Well I think two things that I would say, one is the White House is going to rue the day that it was only a four page memo because everything is going to be measured now that comes out against that four pages.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So that was the high point?

EMANUEL: Yes, that was their good day. And everything else is going to be a problem for them because everybody basically drew one conclusion, that four pages is not a summary. The thing that Democrats should have done a long time ago was not ask for the whole report. Every section has a summary. They should have said while you’re redacting, we want all those summaries out, so they could have kept it going for the three weeks, not just waiting. They could have actually gotten those summaries. I actually think -- and one thing I would bring up here because about what was just said by the attorney general.

It was a counterintelligence investigation, it was approved by the courts. There was no spying. This was approved by the courts here and --

CHRISTIE: Rahm, that is spying.

EMANUEL: No, no, no, what he --

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's not spying.

CHRISTIE: Wait, George, if you --

EMANUEL: Well let me -- let me say this, having sat through national security briefings, having sat through -- in the situation room, this was a loaded term used for loaded impact and this is not what that was explained for. This is all approved by the courts, by -- the Supreme Court makes that appointment and what -- they're going to rue the day -- now what I would is as Democrats, constantly in this tone has got to be, we're just looking at and see where the facts take us. I think the bigger worry for the White House isn't the Mueller report, it's going to be what's going on in New York.

CHRISTIE: There's legal spying and illegal spying, by the way. There’s legal spying and illegal spying. The attorney general didn’t make any opinion on that, George, on whether --


STEPHANOPOULOS: I guess spying generally has a negative --


EMANUEL: The term was selected -- selected Trump term.


CHRISTIE: -- it’s electronic surveillance that the person who’s being surveilled doesn't know that they're being surveilled. I mean, what do you call that? It’s -- it’s -- it’s another adjective. Now, if he said it was illegal spying he would have been out of line because he doesn’t have the conclusion to do that yet. But that’s what it is.

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