Kellyanne Conway: "We Have An Unserious Congress" On Finding Immigration Solutions


Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald Trump, joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about the president's immigration shakeup and his plan to move immigrants to sanctuary cities.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Chuck, first, thanks for acknowledging that it is a crisis. Not so long ago, we had members of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party denying that that word should even be used. And no less a person than President Obama's Homeland Security director -- secretary excuse me, Jeh Johnson, has referred to it as a crisis several times. You can't look at the numbers and deny that we have a crisis.

In our view, it's both a security crisis and a humanitarian crisis. We have 103,000 migrants either being apprehended or unable to come across the border just last month alone. And the flow is so different. For years, it was single males from Mexico who could be returned safely to their country of origin. Now, we have families, increasingly, family units from these three northern triangle countries, and unaccompanied children. Can you and I assure each other and everybody who's watching today that we know what happens to those minors once they are released into this country?

Congress can fix this easily. All the time that they spend reacting to every single Donald Trump tweet or the president's statements, they can sit down and do three quick things. They can fix TVPRA, which, basically, is the Trafficking Victims Act, where it becomes a magnet for young children to be taken by the arm by an adult. And they know it's easier to come here.

Number two, fix Flores. Flores is a judicial decision that's holding hostage our ability, as a nation, to just have a little bit more time to process these asylum claims. After 20 days, we must release children into the interior of this country. Number three, fix the asylum law, so that those who actually have a credible claim of asylum can have that processed faster. We just have too many people. And that's why the president is looking for more money, more resources, more technology, and help from some of these cities...

We need more immigration judges. In fact, his 70-point immigration plan that he presented to Congress in October of 2017 includes more judges. And I believe even what Congress was willing to pass or did pass included 75 new immigration judges and all the support that would go with that, the support staff and the like, in addition to new technologies at the border. So those who vote for that, those who voted for H.R. 6, the largest one piece of legislation to combat our drug crisis in our nation's history, every Democrat running for president who's in the House or Senate voted for it, they've admitted we have a drug crisis at the border. That's where the meth and heroin, the cocaine, and the fentanyl are pouring over. So let's try to work together. But we have an un-serious Congress that is not, is not coming to the table. And the Republicans failed to do their job, when they were in charge, no doubt. And the Democrats, now, are failing to come together in the House. Let’s fix it.

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