David Brooks: Trump Doesn't Care About Solving Problems, He Only Cares About Winning Arguments


"Meet The Press" panelist and "New York Times" columnist David Brooks gives an opinion on the president's priorities:

DAVID BROOKS: Yeah, there's a magical fantasy land where we have a president who cares about solving other people's problems. And if we had that president, then we would expand the detention centers. We'd vet the kids in their home countries so they don't have to take the walk.

CHUCK TODD: We'd probably ask mayors to take in some of these folks, right?

DAVID BROOKS: We'd fix the release system so they're released in coordination with humanitarian agencies. We'd do what any mayor and governor would do. There's a problem here, let's fix the problem. But unfortunately, President Trump sees every problem as a chance for his own performative narcissism, as a chance for him to show what a man he is. And so everything becomes not a solution. Everything just becomes a pose, show business. And the upshot is he's tried to deter immigration through cruelty. And that's been a miserable failure. And that's why we have this problem.

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