Maher: "Falling Birth Rates Are A Good Thing"; World Is "Too Crowded"


HBO's Bill Maher celebrates studies that show millennials are having sex and children at a lower rate than generations past, saying he couldn't think of a better gift for the planet on Earth Day. Maher said young people realize that the world will be a "shit show" for their children and are making a responsible decision. The HBO host said the world is just "too crowded" right now and called falling birth rates a "good thing."

"Instead of asking why America's young people are having less sex, let's just be glad they are," Maher said. "Earth Day is coming up and I can't think of a better gift to our planet than pumping out fewer humans to destroy it."

"The great under-discussed factor in the climate crisis is there are just too many of us and we use too much shit," he said. "Climate deniers like to say, 'There's no population problem, just look out the window of an airplane. So much open space down there.' But it's not about space, it's about resources."

"We don't need smaller carbon footprints, we need less feet," Maher added.

"It's no wonder millennials are freaking out about having kids," the host said. "They and Generation-Z are waking up en masse to the idea that way too early in their lifetimes the planet is going to be a shit show."

Maher referenced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's recent comments where she wondered if having kids is bad for the environment. The HBOer also admonished liberals for not getting behind this message and saying falling birth rates are a good thing.

"I got to tell you, liberals are also at fault for this issue," he said. "I've never heard a liberal say that falling birth rates are a good thing, which they are!"

"Everyone talks about falling birth rates like it means something is desperately wrong with the country," Maher said. "They're depressed! They're not fucking enough! Whatever problems are caused by falling birth rates aren't nearly as dire as those brought on by overpopulation."

"In 1900 there were less than two billion people on Earth, now it's approaching eight," he said. "We can't just keep on like this. The world is just too crowded. When is the last time you sat comfortably on an airplane? Wouldn't it be nicer to just have fewer people around?"

"The best thing you can do for the earth is to not have kids, die and stay dead," Maher ended.

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