Cenk Uygur Mocks Glenn Beck: "The Communists Are This Close To Taking Over And Instituting Sharia Law"


"The Young Turks" host Cenk Uygur mocks Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity for pushing an "insane conspiracy theory" about illegal immigration, Chicago communists, and Sharia Law.

"It turns out Glenn Beck has figured out who the real enemy is, and what the plot is," he explained. "Since I'm on the left I'd like to get clued in... I'm curious, I didn't get the memo about who's really the mastermind and what the real plan is."

"And these are communists, of course," he said. "The communists are this close to taking over and instituting Sharia Law in this country. And setting up FEMA camps."

"And we're supposed to take these guys seriously, we're supposed to have a rational debate with them. We're supposed to reach out to the other side, according to Democratic leaders. I'm going to reach out to this lunatic who spins on a gyroscope and thinks he fixed his mental health problems?"

"So somehow the communists in Chicago are funded by George Soros to throw a human wave at us at the border? Okay, let's find out more," he laughed. "And Chuck Schumer and all the others know about it. Who else would organize the Chicago communists but Chuck Schumer?"

"Look, I'm a capitalist. In reality, it is a mixed economy," Uygur said. "It's semantics between socialism and capitalism, but I'm definitely not a communist... But the idea that Chuck Schumer is so progressive that he's gone and helped the communists do the human wave, inspired by China but brought to you by Chicago, they might be on to something here."

"But the FOX News audience, two or three million people watch that and think, 'I knew it! I knew there was a Chicago communist wave coming out of China and Chuck Schumer!' Right?"

Glenn Beck explains that communists in Chicago are orchestrating a "human wave" of immigrants, on Wednesday's edition of "The Sean Hannity Show":

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