Trump: "There Is A Hunger In This Country" To Investigate Origins Of Mueller Probe "Illegal Witch Hunt"


President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will not authorize the release of his tax returns.

"Not gonna do it while I’m under audit," Trump told reporters as he was leaving the White House for a trip to Texas.

He also commented on the Mueller report, saying he has not read it yet.

"After wasting all of this money, and all of this time, with people who were haters, people who worked on the Clinton Foundation, people who absolutely were haters of Trump, they found no collusion," he said. "What has been found during this time are the illegal acts of getting this whole phony investigation started, and hopefully that's where people are going now... It was an illegal investigation, it was started illegally. Everything about it was crooked. There were dirty cops. Bad people, you look at McCabe and Comey, and you look at Lisa [Page] and Peter Strzok, these were bad people. This was an attempted coup, an attempted takedown of the president."

"So the Mueller report, when they talk about obstruction, we fight back because I knew how illegal this whole thing was, it was a scam."

"What I'm most interested in," the president said. "Is getting started on going back to the origins of exactly where this all started because this was an illegal witch hunt and everybody knew it. And they got caught. What they did was treason, what they did was terrible."

"There is a hunger for that to happen," he said about an investigation into the Mueller probe.

"As far as I'm concerned, I don't care about the Mueller report, we've been totally exonerated," Trump said. "No collusion, no obstruction, and I'm off to dealing with China, North Korea, Venezuela, and all the problems in the world. I'm not worried about something that never should have taken place."

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