Putin: Mueller Report Demonstrates "Crisis Of American Political System," Attack Against Legitimate President


Vladimir Putin spoke about the Mueller report during a session of the International Arctic Forum in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday, saying it was "complete nonsense" that had been invented by President Trump's political enemies for "an internal audience"

"It was clear for us from the start that it would end like this," the Russian leader said of the Trump-Russia investigation. "A mountain gave birth to a mouse."

"I've been telling you this all along," Putin said. "We said from the start that this infamous commission of Mr. Mueller's would not find anything because nobody knows this better than us. Russia did not meddle in any elections in the United States. There was no collusion, as Mr. Mueller said, between Trump and Russia."

"It was meant for an internal audience and it was used for political purposes for internal political strife in the United States of America... Because of that the internal political situation in the U.S. has not become any better. There are attempts to find new pretexts to attack President Trump... but I think it testifies to a certain element of a crisis in the U.S. political system. Have a look at what is happening. The groups who are mounting an offensive against the legitimately elected president are simply trying to cancel the vote. They do not agree to what the people have said. And it is a crisis of the political system -- something unseen before."

"We know what a witch hunt is, and it is a black page on American history," he also said.

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