Nunes: Someone Wanted To Be The Next Deep Throat At FBI, Conspired Together To Leak


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said he will be making criminal referrals in a conspiracy to leak by FBI agents and others in the DOJ in hopes of becoming "the next Watergate Deep Throat."

HANNITY: And we also had the Hillary bought and paid for dossier. Real Russian collusion paid for to influence the election. Now we've got the - we've got evidence. Ukraine - the Ukrainian officials on them with evidence and a tape Joe Biden bragging they fired him. I don't have a lot of time I want to get to the criminal referral issue. I know you begin with eight but there might be more. What can you tell us and how soon?

NUNES: Yes. So, to simply put, there is five that are straightforward. So, five on lying, leaking, obstructing Congress. Those are five specific names. There are three. One is a global leak referral. So, remember there has been, I mean everybody knows about general leak between General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador. We don't know that that's ever been investigated but there is about a dozen others. So, we're referring all those to make sure that they get the proper sunlight put on them and transparency so that they can be followed up on.

The other two I think are more difficult that involve conspiracy. I think there were a bunch of people who wanted to be the next Watergate Deep Throat within the FBI and DOJ and they were leaking, and they were proud to do it and they were all conspiring together and that's what we're asking the DOJ to look into.

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