Lara Logan: If The Press Is Allowed To Criticize Trump, Why Isn't He Allowed To Criticize The Press?


Lara Logan talked about President Trump skipping the White House Correspondents' Dinner and the media's anti-Trump narrative with FNC's Laura Ingraham on Monday's edition of 'The Ingraham Angle.' Logan called it a "bold move" and shows that Trump doesn't care what the "elite press" thinks.

"Why would the president want to go to a dinner which is full of a room of people who have made it clear that many of whom have made it clear they want him removed from office? They don't just hate him, they see him as unfit, and they've made -- this is not a two-way street," Logan said of the dinner.

"If the press is allowed to criticize Donald Trump, then why isn't he allowed to criticize the press?" Logan asked. "That's the way I look at this."

"This is about what the First Amendment is about, and this is about everybody's rights," she said Monday night. "So would you go to a dinner with a bunch of people who made it very clear that they were your enemies? It doesn't make sense for him. It's not going to change the coverage."

"I mean I've skipped the dinner for the past few years because they've become very partisan affairs," Logan shared. "And they make a lot of people uncomfortable. They're not what they used to be. And journalists and journalistic organizations in this country need to stand up and go back to what we are supposed to be at our core. If they want to be critical of the president, which is part of our responsibility and duty as journalists, well then they don't get to weep about it when he's critical in return."

"This is very consistent with Donald Trump as a leader. It's a very bold move. He doesn't care that he's snubbing the elite press," Logan said.

"He doesn't care," she added.

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