Chris Cuomo: "We're Getting Too Close To Uncensored Trump For Comfort"


Chris Cuomo delivers a monologue on President Trump's cabinet on the Monday edition of his CNN program.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: Roughly two out of three senior level advisers to the President have been fired or resigned. Almost one-half of Cabinet-level jobs have turned over. We've never seen anything like it.

But the latest penchant for purging is most consequential.

DHS, Department of Homeland Security is the umbrella for 22 agencies that cover cyber-security, Coast Guard, terror, immigration, the world's largest police force, so this is a double-edged sword. Actually, let's make it like a four-pointed mace, OK?

He scares off or scorns any one of actual talent. He can't fill a lot of underling positions that matter for good government because no one is in charge long enough to staff them up.

It started off as difficult, and is now really a problem trying to find any one of real substance to want to work for this President.

And, as a result, he is left with the exception of, you know, a few talented folks near the top with hangers-on, and his kids, having incredible influence over decisions and dynamics they know nothing about.

Jared Kushner can't get a security clearance legitimately, but he's a legit choice to figure out Middle East peace, and now immigration? He needed a primer just to understand the basics of the system.

His counterbalance is Stephen Miller, ties to bigoted groups, known for extreme and untested ideas, unwilling or worried about coming on here to be tested.

This isn't the brightest. It's nor the best. He added his own alligators to a swamp that is now more fetid than ever. And the part that must concern us is why. With any President, this would be alarming.

These men, no matter how gifted, no matter how much hype, they need greatness around them, a mix of old hands, new stars, all of them working like crazy, and knowing what pitches to expect, which ones to swing at, and where the ball tends to go once you get some lumber on it, if you're lucky.

I know this as a journalist and as a lifetime student of that game. I lived it when there were no reporters or cameras for most of my life. Good teams make great leaders. Period!

But with this President, the need is greater than I've seen for support. And it is the dynamite mix of ignorance and arrogance on his part that has us in this predicament. This President thinks he will run the Administration like his TV show, start with lot of misfits, and fire your way to a conclusion, made for a decent reality show, but that ain't reality.

We're living the real episode, and it doesn't end well if this president continues to sweat off people he needs and is left with only those that need proximity to him for power. The media, and many of you, obsess over this president's Twitter and his snap quips. They're just for effect. But here's the real concern. Those types of judgments are actually motivating what is happening within our government as the people around him to level him out are leaving. Separating kids for spite after a court said no. Telling staff to flout immigration law. We're getting too close to uncensored Trump for comfort. That's the argument, thank you for watching.

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