Giuliani on Mueller Probe: "I'm Very Concerned About Leaks, I'm Not Concerned About The Report"


President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News Channel's Howard Kurtz on "MediaBuzz" that he and President Trump both want to see Mueller's report released in its entirety and slammed members of Mueller's team who leaked to the New York Times about the probe's conclusions.

"I'm very concerned about the leaks, I'm not concerned about the report. I'd like the whole report to be out," Giuliani said. "I think we can handle it, I think it will show that the president didn't do any of the things he's been accused of."

"That leak really indicates all you need to know about Mueller’s prosecutors," Giuliani said. "Leaking like that, and they don't leak? That’s been the biggest canard in this investigation."

"There is nothing wrong with the newspaper, there is something wrong with the prosecutor," Giuliani said. "This tells me they don’t have anything, because if they were malicious enough to do that and they had a smoking gun, they wouldn’t say in general it’s very damaging. In fact, a good reporter would have asked for an example... They didn't get an answer because there isn't anything!"

"Nadler shot his mouth off too much. There are too many quotes from him, and then let's just talk about the House Judiciary Committee, it's about the entire House. The other Congressman who announced that he's [President Donald Trump] guilty of collusion, that they have evidence of collusion, where's the evidence of collusion? Why aren't they called to account for lying?"

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